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  Steven135 23:50 20 Jun 2003

This Forum has become an invaluable resource I pop in here a lot and post when I have specific questions, on very rare occasions I can offer help based on my experience of messing things up on my PC.

Earlier there were several newsgroupy type threads running which have bitten the dust, no comment on this really there are many, many newsgroups for those who want this kind of thing but I did find it interesting to see the breadth and range of experience and ages of those using this forum. This gives me some confidence about the quality of help available here.

As far as I can see this did not explicitly transgress the guidelines save the caveat that 'computer related' postings would receive the best response. I realize that all threads can be deleted at the discretion of PCA and since they provide this service free of charge this seems fair enough.

I just wonder if its not time for an update of the guidelines so that all may know just what is allowed.

  Forum Editor 01:25 21 Jun 2003

which were very recently updated, are quite clear, and we aren't proposing any further revisions in the short term.

We'll continue to discourage the posting of threads which invite forum users to disclose personal details about themselves. I'm quite sure that I don't need to spell out our reasons for this policy, they should be self-evident.

Our position on this is one that would be adopted by any responsible organisation that was operating a web forum used by a large community of all age groups and both sexes. I'm sure that's clear enough.

If you would like to read our site operating policy in full, please
click here

  Djohn 01:50 21 Jun 2003

Forum guidelines are at the bottom of the page. "Site policy". But not many of us ever read them, when we do, we soon forget.

FE. gives us a reminder quite often, the most recent one was last week, but we forget, and wander off topic, I am as guilty as anyone else for doing this at times.

Each time he says, "This is the final time, I will delete without exception or explanation". many dozens of us agree with him and add to his post saying so. Then as soon as he does delete a non topic thread, we all complain! Lose-lose situation.

PCA have never intervened if we have a bit of banter in a thread, the odd joke or two, so long as we in the main, stick to the subject.

We have all been told, "If we are not happy with something editorial, fire off a private message to the Moderator". If he has the time he will respond via private e-mail to each and everyone concerned, debate the issue, and try to put matters right.

I think most of us will agree, it's not good for the forum users, especially the new one's to see a thread degenerate into an heated argument. I would not like to have the job of editing a forum of this size, don't think I could do it. Too many friends here, and at times I would find it almost imposable to be firm but fair, not showing any bias to-wards one or the other.

I truly hope this will now settle down, and no users of the forum will leave. There are so many gifted people here willing to give their time to help others, long may they do so. My regards to all forum users/friends. John.

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