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  Forum Editor 20:47 08 Oct 2003

Once again it's necessary to remind some people that we have a strict rule about inappropriate language in our forum - and that includes words that have asterisks (or other symbols) in place of some of the letters. It isn't necessary for me to go into details about which words are allowed and which aren't - common sense should tell you that - and in any case, if you replace letters with asterisks you're doing it because you know the word isn't acceptable here.
We will not tolerate the posting of links to sites that offer illegal software serial numbers or registration keys.

Neither will we allow threads/posts that ask for, or offer methods of circumventing CD copy protection or other ways of flouting the copyright laws.

We're running a responsible online forum for computer help and advice, and we will not allow it to be used as a vehicle for anything that is illegal, or anything that aids and abets illegal activities.

From today any thread or post that contravenes the above conditions will be deleted immediately it comes to our notice. There'll be no warning, and no further explanation.

We have reason to believe that the vast majority of our forum members support this policy.

  kinger 21:02 08 Oct 2003

Does that mean software that makes your DVD region free?

If so, sorry about that.

  Forum Editor 21:20 08 Oct 2003

I wasn't targeting any one in particular, and I'm not referring to any specific situation. Nevertheless, I appreciate your sentiment - thanks for the post.

  david.h 15:29 09 Oct 2003

i sent the cd post, my apology as well did not think of the consequences for the editor

  Alan Ryan 16:12 09 Oct 2003

No doubt saying that I support your efforts to maintain decent standards in language and your determination to prevent the encouragement of illegal expedients in this forum, exposes me (to some) as an effete fool. I'm not bothered by this, and hope you can stand fast when tested by the ignorant and anarchic minority.

  no1ghoul 20:33 09 Oct 2003

It seems A little sad that the FE has to start such A thread but if it makes people think before they type then I guess it was neccesary(albeit sad)

  Forum Editor 22:30 09 Oct 2003

an effete fool? far from it. Striving to maintain high standards is what we're talking about, and there's nothing effete or foolish in nailing your colours to the masthead.

Nobody needs to apologise for what may have been a spur of the moment error of judgement, it happens, and it would silly for anyone to say they had never done the same thing.

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