Forum Editor Sept Issue Naesby

  Naseby 2 19:55 25 Jul 2005

Sorry to raise your print design standards again but your designers have conspired to make page29 unreadable will they ever learn that white out of red with a small typeface rarely ever works especially for those older folk with glasses.Naesby

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:00 25 Jul 2005

I can read it easily as I have the eyes of a sewer rat. Unfortunatley, in print design, you cannot be one to all men.


  jack 20:22 25 Jul 2005

Well I was considering an E-mail direct to Guy.
but I thought perhaps it would not be worth reading any way.
The basic rulls of graphic design seem to be ignored or perhaps the designer is straight from college where they learn 'fine art pricples' and nothing about the limitations of print processes- 50 years ago when they came to my repro studio they were fit only for making the tea and getting the sarnies and watching,watching and more watching and not allowed on to a production job untill a few principles had been drummed well and truly in.
Black type over anything more than 15% solid is out.
White type out of anything less 75% solid is not allowed and where text having is a colour background at all - no pattern or image --then it can be read by the 3 blind mice.

  Kate B 22:37 25 Jul 2005

I'm with Naseby, I couldn't read the blimmin copy either, and I'm pretty tolerant of designer-led pages. And I'm a relative youngster and don't (yet) need reading specs.

  Smiler 12:17 26 Jul 2005

I'm with Naesby and Kate B the only way I could read it was to take it into the garden when the sun was shining, it was quite easy then but in the artificial light of the living room I had no chance!!

  Al94 12:48 26 Jul 2005

I said months ago that the mag was no longer an easy read for this reason. Pity someone wouldn't lidten to what the customer wants!

  Al94 12:48 26 Jul 2005

Listen even!

  Stuartli 12:57 26 Jul 2005

There's a similar problem with many websites, not just the printed media.

  Confab 13:21 26 Jul 2005

Just to add my 2p worth, I think that there are more important things in life to worry about! Having said that I did mention it to my wife when I tried reading the page. She showed about as much interest as the FE has!!


  Confab 13:28 26 Jul 2005

That was supposed to be a joke BTW


  pj123 15:18 26 Jul 2005

Well I am 70 years old and have glasses. I can read it perfectly.

Perhaps all you who can't read it need to go to your optician?

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