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  carver 20:58 27 Feb 2003

Can you please shed some light on the competition PCA is running to win a AJP Notebook. For the past 2 weeks I have been trying to get onto that page and the only thing I and other people get is a blank page.And today to add insult to injury I receive a news letter telling me only 1 person has won a notebook up to now, surprise,shock astonishment!Any help or advice would be appreciated.Only now I've got 2 copies of PCA one belongs to a friend and if either number wins we have to fight it out with wet socks as we have forgot who's copies belongs to us.

  TOPCAT® 21:13 27 Feb 2003

There is only one notebook to win! TC.

click here

  carver 21:44 27 Feb 2003

Followed your link and it's a blank page, I read the newsletter incorrectly when I received it earlier, and now haveing re-read it, it does say (no one has won)silly me.I was going to say I was really (I've just forgot the word)when I got the news letter and still couldn't get onto the page.

  TOPCAT® 22:04 27 Feb 2003

Are your security/cookie settings too high?

Just come out of the page from my link. Here's part of the page. TC.


This £999 notebook could already be yours! One lucky reader has the unique winning number that will make them the owner of a brand-spanking-new AMD Athlon 2200+ laptop.....

  Brian-336451 22:22 27 Feb 2003

Page is there you just can't enter the number = you can't win!

  VoG™ 22:29 27 Feb 2003

Works for me in Opera and Mozilla but not IE.

And I still ain't won! Typical!

  Ixora 22:31 27 Feb 2003

The form is not blank. Have just entered my number. Didn't win though. Still chances for the rest of you.

  Ixora 22:33 27 Feb 2003

I have just used IE6 with no problems.

  Forum Editor 22:55 27 Feb 2003

is working perfectly - as TOPCAT® and others have confirmed.

  Spook Tooth 23:04 27 Feb 2003

Wow - I've not won!!

Another surprised reader... still, always the chance no one else has won either, and I will win something one day in the automatic draw for losers.

  VoG™ 23:07 27 Feb 2003

Sorry to disagree but as stated above it does not work for me in IE with security settings as low as possible.

I don't think that people would invent problems, would they?

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