Ford Fiesta Service problem

  prince midas 11:57 28 Jul 2009

I have just bought a new Ford Fiesta.The salesman tried to sell me a 2 service package spread over 2 years for £300.I told him I was going to use a local garage who have serviced my previous Mercedes and BMW cars with no problems from the manufacturer. He tells me that the Ford 3 Year guarantee will not apply if the garage i use is not Ford approved.I feel that I am being bullied into joining his Ford Dealer srvice scheme and he wants me to pay the money at so much a month over 2 years.When i say the by law you can use any garage he says his dealership will not honour is manufacturers dealership and that if I come back to his dealership next year for the forst service it will be even dearer..Comments please.

  Pine Man 12:45 28 Jul 2009

I think you are being told porkies.

Having just checked the ford website I can find no reference to what you have been told by the salesman.

As a matter of interest, though, you generally find that the service packages offered by dealers are excellent value. Certainly my last two dealerships for Honda and now VW are very good indeed and cover more than just the service with things like an additional period of vehicle recovery and tyre reolacement. In fact you will probably get more for your car when you come to get rid of it if the book has been stamped by a Ford dealer rather than another garage.

  OTT_Buzzard 12:55 28 Jul 2009

I don;t believe that the garage can force you to go to an approved dealership for servicing / repair to maintain the warranty.

You should have been supplied with a Service Portfolio when you bought the car. This should have more specifc details in it.

If nothing else you can give Ford an email and ask them to clarify (click here)

The only thing I can find on the Ford website to do with mandated use of Ford agents is to do with warranty repair:

"Repairs covered by Ford Warranties can be performed by only Ford Authorised Dealers except in case of emergency (for example remobilising the vehicle if a Ford Authorised Dealer cannot assist)."

  Stuartli 13:44 28 Jul 2009

Some years ago car manufacturers generally agreed that new car warranties would not be affected if servicing your car is done by you or an independent garage, providing the standard is up to that of a franchised dealership.

Knowing some franchised dealerships, they would come third in that sequence..:-)

See, for instance:

click here

You can download the Motor Industry's Code of Practice from this link and present it to your Ford salesman...:-)

  SB23 14:32 28 Jul 2009

A Ford dealership annoyed my wife sometime ago over the way she was dealt with, I thought oh dear, what do I do now.
A few months later, as the car was needing an MOT our local Vauxhall dealership gave me a price for MOT and service as they were now able to look after Fords aswell as my Astra.

  xania 15:00 28 Jul 2009

My Nissan dealership told me that, as long as the independant or whatever used geniune Nissan parts, my warranty would be good.

  Stuartli 15:53 28 Jul 2009

If you find a good, reliable independent garage/workshop make sure you support it and recommend it to friends and family.

I've found two over the years in my area (both came highly recommended) and they have never let me down - their prices are also very reasonable and lower than franchised dealerships.

Recommendation is the best way for any business to survive and prosper.

  anthonystorey 17:40 28 Jul 2009

i would have pushed for the service package for free and in my experience if it was to clinch the deal you would have got it for nothing.
also couldnt agree with Stuartli more, finding a good local mechanic you can trust is a must.

  r.s.logan 19:20 01 Aug 2009

Just answered your post on other board before I seen this .

  WolframBlitzen 04:30 02 Aug 2009

You get a standard 3 year (I think) warrenty from Ford anyway when you buy a new car from them. No need to pay for an extended one unless the stuff it covers that the manufacturers warrenty doesn't cover (which is likely to be things like the battery and clutch) are important to you to have them covered

Bear this in mind; if you take your car to get it serviced by say, In-n-out, they replace somthing that would be replaced under normal sericeing, The spark plugs for example, then somthing else goes wrong with the engine, In-n-out won't help you with that so you take it back to Ford because it's a warrenty job. If ford find a non-Ford part in there they could say they won't cover you, particually if they can say that the non-ford part caused the problem (Not likely for a spark plug I know, I was just useing that as an example)

Find out what warrenty you get from Ford as standard (I believe it's 3 years) and during that warrenty period, get all the serviceing done by Ford, I think It's the smart thing to do.

  r.s.logan 12:29 02 Aug 2009

As previously stated ,the standard 3 year Ford warranty is honoured where ever you get car serviced as long as Ford parts are fitted and it is to Ford service schedule . You will see verification of this in todays News of The World motoring page . The only parts on the first service are oil , oil filter and pollen / odour filter.Whether the pollen filter needs changed at 12,500 mls is debateable but is a small charge for keeping your car covered by Ford warranty .

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