Flat roofing material

  natdoor 19:48 08 Aug 2011

A neighbour has asked my advice on the optimum material to use for flat roofing, solely based on my access to the web.

The area to be covered is L-shaped and totals about 50sqm. One part will be used as support for cleaning first-floor windows and for gutter/fascia maintenance. Felt is currently used and is at least twenty years old. The roof covers some 15sqm of residential space, the rest being a double garage.

I assume that a given contractor will use only one material type, so it would be difficult to get an unbiassed recommendation. I have seen some comparative characteristics listed at this site link text. The stated expected life of some materials is impressive but, since I believe that they have not been available for that long, the data is probably based on accelerated testing or other factors. The single-layer materials are also stated to be prone to puncture. This could be a concern because of the required use for support unless repair is straight forward.

I would welcome any advice on which material to recommend, a source of independent advice or comparative costs. I know that this is a specialised topic but the forums are a source of much information on such topics, readily given and much appreciated. Thanks in advance for any advice.

  Aitchbee 20:06 08 Aug 2011

have a look at this.



  woodchip 21:43 08 Aug 2011

Things have moved on quite a bit since I was doing Extensions with Flat roofs, But my advice is if possible get some pitch on the roof and cover it with tiles, that will always be the cheapest option

  woodchip 21:47 08 Aug 2011

And it's never good time to walk on a Flat roof as Damage will happen every time though you may not see it. and the older the roof the woes it will be

  spuds 22:54 08 Aug 2011

Just had a look in this months Professional Builder, which is a trade magazine that builders use, and can be obtained from most trade outlets for free. There are a number of ideas, and the following two links might help?.



  Forum Editor 00:12 09 Aug 2011

The best choice of flat roofing material depends to a large extent on the substrate - what is the roof built with? - and whether or not there will be much foot traffic or ladder use on the finished surface.

By far the most common covering material for modern flat roofs is what is commonly known as a 'torch-on' polymer butyl membrane. This looks somewhat like roofing felt, in that it comes on rolls, and has a mineral chipping face, but it's laid using a Propane torch. On a timber roof construction the best results are obtained by screw-fixing a layer of 12mm or 18mm Water and Boil Proof ply (WBP) over the whole roof area first.

An under-sheet is torched on first, and this is covered with a torched-on capsheet that has a thicker bituminous layer. It comes with mineral chippings applied, and is available in several colours. If properly applied and detailed at corners etc this type of roof covering will last many years, and will bear a reasonable amount of wear from foot traffic and ladders. Ladders should never be used on a hot day as the feet will form indentations in the softened membrane.

Covering a roof in this way is relatively inexpensive and very effective.The membrane has a woven synthetic fibre layer inside which provides strength whilst allowing a degree of movement - no cracking of the surface, which can be a problem with traditional roofing felt.

Take a look at http://www.ruberoid.co.uk/ for more information

  natdoor 08:03 09 Aug 2011

Many thanks for your responses. I will study the advice and links later. I some unvoidble business to attend to this morning.

  natdoor 15:31 09 Aug 2011

Having at least partially digested all the information, I will discuss with my neighbour and hopefully a sound decision can be made. Thanks again.

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