Flat panel monitors?

  jake2 11:00 17 May 2006

I'm looking to replace my 19' crt monitor with a flat panel version.
I know very little about these things. My pc is mainly used for surfing and games. What do you suggest? and what sort of money should I be thinking about?
I'm toying with the idea of going to PC world just so I can have it here today!! Probably not the best idea, or is it?

  Diodorus Siculus 11:04 17 May 2006

Whynot PCW? They may not always be the cheapest but do have good deals.

Two options below - but I can't comment about their usefulness for gaming.

PC World - Shop for cheap Monitors TFT - AOC DXBL 19 19" TFT FLAT PANEL MONITOR
click here

PC World - Shop for cheap Monitors TFT - LG L1917S 19" LCD MONITOR
click here

  jake2 12:13 17 May 2006

PCW Not a good idea? Because I'd be inclined to buy whatever they had in stock instead of being sensible and researching it properly!
Found two localy
PC World: Sony SDMHS95DS £219
Local shop: Samtron 94v £219.99

Either of these any good? Never heard of Samtron, guy said theyre made by Samsung.

Looking to spend? Not sure. Around £200 - £250 ish?

  anskyber 14:37 17 May 2006

Before you go widescreen, if indeed you do, make sure your video card supports that format.

  jake2 14:56 17 May 2006

Thanks for the advice folks I think I'll look more closely at getting the Samsung 930BF. Seems to good value for money and great reviews.

  the old man 20:13 17 May 2006
  jake2 17:46 18 May 2006

Samsung SM930BF Ordered! should be here on Tuesday!

  jake2 18:02 18 May 2006

Looking at the specs of all the above mentioned monitors and comparing them to my old Hansol 900P CRT monitor.
I notice that the dot pitch on all the tft's (0.294MM) is greater than the CRT (0.26mm)
Now I know that 0.034mm isn't exactly a lot, but what difference will that make to viewing?
My guess is that the edges of images (on a tft) may not be quite as sharp as those on a CRT. Would this be correct?
Another thing the Response time's are big issues with TFT's. How would I compare a 4 ms response time to a CRT monitor?

  jake2 00:22 20 May 2006

At the moment the resoloution is set at 1024 x 768
I have no idea what this means or if/how I should change it. I have messed around with it in the past but all it seemed to do was make the screen icons smaller!

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