flashing downloads

  howdou 06:31 11 Nov 2005

I have twice tried to download something from a web page and everything starts flashing, is this normal when downloading and how do I know how long I must wait? Each time I have given up and done allsorts of things to get out of the computer.

  PaulB2005 07:30 11 Nov 2005

No it's not normal. What are you trying to download and from where?

  vinnyT 12:07 11 Nov 2005

When the flashing starts (no rude comments from the rest of you, please), is any message displayed?

The only time I have experienced anything like that which you have described, is when my anti-virus detected I was downloading a nasty.

  howdou 04:22 12 Nov 2005

The downloads I was trying to do were from legit sites- credit bureau and British Rail service. One was a printable application, the other a map. Both were not showing on the screen,Ihad to click a link. First one asked me about downloading, second one didn't. Both showed the stuff flying into the folder and went flashing after that when it said downloading.

  vinnyT 14:08 12 Nov 2005

I wasn't suggesting you were using anything but a legitimate website, even staid sites such as you mentioned can be hacked and have nasties inserted.

However, it doesn't sound like a virus attack, your av would have let you know.

Perhaps you could let us have the links to the sites in Q, and someone could check for you. See if the prob is replicated.

  wee eddie 14:46 12 Nov 2005

and you try to download it as a single file or a Word Document.

There can be problems, which I don't entirely understand, but is something to do with links.

Maybe saving in a different format, say as a "txt" file, would solve the problem

  howdou 02:18 13 Nov 2005

Hello to all who tried to help me. It seems no-one knows why except to say it shouldn't do it, being a total novice anything scares me. The British site was click here and I cliked a link that said I could download a map of the route I had searched. Incase anyone wants to try it, however I'll understand if you don't. Thank you all, maybe I just won't download from web pages!!!

  vinnyT 14:07 14 Nov 2005

Hi howdou, I just went to the link, and seleceted download maps page, decided to download map of national railwork for people with mobility problems, it started, then came up with an error. So I tried again using birmingham map, same result.

I was saving to harddrive, in .pdf format, should not have been any trouble, maybe they are having probs with their site.

Sorry can't be any more help.

  howdou 07:37 16 Nov 2005

Hi vinnyT; thankyou for trying, I feel a little better knowing itdidn't work for you either. Another flasher I had was someone saying I could win a $1000,000 I definately ignored that one. It came from nowhere. I like this site.

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