Flash player silent updates.

  rdave13 21:39 07 May 2012

For six weeks Adobe has been silently updating Flash. I was a bit surprised they would do that. Not to my liking.

Read here

I've dotted the radio button to notify me of any updates.

  Taff™ 07:55 08 May 2012

I spotted the relevant update which informed me about this and decided it was a step forward. There is no doubt in my mind that Flash needs to be updated for security reasons and having the update installed automatically is better than having it pop up asking to be installed every time.

The vast majority of people have Windows Updates installed automatically and I can't see the difference. It is as far as I'm concerned, an essential update, as is Java. Am I missing something?

  birdface 11:18 08 May 2012

When you install flash now you also install flash installer and that will start every time you start your computer.

I like to know what is running at start up and I prefer it without Flash updater.

Mind you there has been a lot of updates lately but I prefer downloading them manually it always removes the old version before installing the new version so the choice is yours.

Like Taff™ says you update[ or some of you do ]Get your Windows updates automatically.Now we all know through experience that occasionally you get the odd bad update from windows so we can assume we will get the odd bad flash update.

I always update manually, Firstly because it is safer and secondly because your computer will run that bit quicker with automatic updates switched off.

I would side with rdave13 on this as I do not think flash informs you properly of the Installer that you download and that it is going to run every time you reboot your computer.

  spuds 11:36 08 May 2012

Personally I do not like automatic updates, due to a problem I had a couple of years back, when the automatic update screwed my computer up, as it did with a number of other computers, or at least that was the feedbacks provided.

As buteman states, it now comes with a Flash Installer, and this should show in Start-up. I was recently cleaning up my Start-ups due to slowness, and it was recommended by other forum users that I disable the Installer, which I did.

  rdave13 23:19 08 May 2012

I've also learnt the hard way with Windows updates and always set it to notify me. Java and Flash ,now, set to the same "notify" settings.

In some ways Taff™ is right and if you have no interest in the workings of the PC or OS then it is possibly a safer way. People with no interest will give the PC that's gone belly up to others to fix anyway.

My personal preference is that I want to know what is offered as an update and I'll decide what to do. It's a safer way for me.

  daz60 06:38 09 May 2012

I also noted something downloading and was concerned,i always check the Windows updates and download manually.I prefer setting my own restore point before having decided on what to download.

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