Fixed price fuel

  Bald Eagle 20:25 16 Aug 2008

Does anyone know what British Gas actually charge per Kw for their latest fixed price contract? Taking both gas and electric from them. The advert is on the TV tonight and says it's fixed until 2011. Price comparison sites are no use because they only work out regular tariffs. If I had the figures I could do my own comparisons. I've tried everywhere on the BG site but cannot find a figure anywhere.

  spuds 20:33 16 Aug 2008

You might find that you will need to contact British Gas, because I believe the price depends on where you live. You could try this number 0800 048 0202 for more information, but be warned, any offers are subject to 'limited availability'. Or at least, thats what British Gas was telling me last week.

  Stuartli 20:44 16 Aug 2008

Sometimes you have to pay a premium to "lock" prices for some time ahead.

If you or a family member is 50 or over try StayWarm, which offers a 12 month contract with a fixed price per month for gas and electricity:

click here

Costs me £74 a month until next April, a figure which was reduced from the previous 12 monthly contract comprising £91 a month.

  Bald Eagle 09:41 17 Aug 2008

Decided to go for it.

  jolorna 10:07 17 Aug 2008

looked at your link but it says for a quote you need your last 2 bills and your bank details, does that mean you are basicly signing up to it just for a quote, as they are wanting your bank details?

  Stuartli 11:21 17 Aug 2008

It's some time since I signed up with StayWarm, but the reason for the past two bills will be to have an idea of your gas and electricity use so a fixed price can be offered.

As for bank details, this is because the monthly amount has to be paid by direct debit.

StayWarm was originally under PowerGen, now part of E-On, and is a Government devised means to help keep down fuel bills.

It also means, if you are accepted, that you basically don't need to worry if there's a particularly cold period or winter and have to use more heating.

Providing that your overall consumption doesn't rise too dramatically, the following year's contract will be at a similar price.

  spuds 11:24 17 Aug 2008

Perhaps I can offer an opinion on the British Gas offer, and the way that they have contacted me. Basically it was a letter with a tear off section, which stated "Yes I'd like to protect my prices until 30 September 2011", this tear-off required a date and signature before returning back to a promotion mailing agent working for British Gas. No other details were provided, so I can only assume that British Gas or their promotion mailing agent (Fixed Price 2011?) will send further details.

I hope by signing and dating, and agreeing to " Yes I'd like to protect my prices until 30 September 20112", doesn't constitute a legal and binding contract ;o(

  colin1951uk 11:52 17 Aug 2008

Bald can view British Gas Fixed 2011 prices from this link click here it needs a pdf reader.

What they've done is taken their Standard prices just before the last hike and added the hike to they're Gas is 30 and Electric 12 per cent up (think those were the figures anyway.)

They're Gas is not cheap at all.

In view of oil prices dropping like a rock now I would be inclined to wait and see what others do before signing up to those very high rates.

I'm with BG on fixed rates untill December next year which are reasonable but after that I expect prices to come down generaly (unless we have a war with or upset Russia!) so I'll be looking to move away from BG later.


  jolorna 12:11 17 Aug 2008

thanks for that Stuartli, if british gas hadn't brought at the time they did then the price would have been lower or should have been, i will sit a bit longer like colin1951uk, but everything is work looking into

  Stuartli 19:02 17 Aug 2008

We've certainly saved quite a bit of money annually since switching to StayWarm.

  VNAM75 19:28 17 Aug 2008

I recently signed up to them (doorstep sales). Seemed a lot cheaper than my current supplier eon but I have noticed that they have 2 rate levels eg,first 2250kw = 25p, rest = 18p. Eon tariff has 3 levels.

Works out my summer quarter bill is £20 cheaper for electric but only £4 for gas. I'm a very low user. This includes vat and the direct debit discount. I currently dont pay eon by DD so could I get a better rate? I haven't been online to compare yet?

What is scottish power customer services like? I signed on tuesday so do I have until tomorrow, 7 days, (by post) to cancel the contract should I find a better rate? They said it takes about 6 weeks to switch over.

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