Fixed Laptop Or Not?

  Adz1310 09:59 28 Sep 2005

My laptop was being quite tempormental, sometimes loading other times not. So I thought it was time to get it seen to by a pro. I took it to a repairs shop and told them that it may need a new fan as it seemed to get really hot. They rang me to say they had fitted a new fan and changed something in the bios. Meant nothing to me. When I went to pick it up they showed me the work that they had done. But the laptop wouldnt boot. I have left it with them to try and fix the problem. But does anyone know where I stand if they cannot fix it? As it was working before I took it to them was just being tempormental.
Your opinions and advice would be much appricated.

  recap 14:47 28 Sep 2005

click here give you some pointers on your rights, but note this does not state anything about computer repair.

If you are not happy or unsure of your rights note the statement at the bottom of the link:

"This factsheet is intended to provide general information only, and should not be taken as a full statement of the law on this subject. Phone your local Consumer Direct centre, or contact an alternative consumer support service if you need further or more detailed advice."

  jack 20:09 28 Sep 2005

Well if the machine was working when given to the shop to adjust- and they say thay have fixed it, but in fact it is now not working, then they have plainly not fixed it or even made it worse.
If this is a properly organized shop they should have cover to recomense you.
As you said to them put a new fan in- and they say they did just that- then it is possible they could say - 'We did what you asked guv' as a get out, but it wont wash because they would have had to dismantle the machine to replace the part[ even perhaps if it did not replacing] and having put it back to gether it should have been tested and seen to work.
So did they do that?

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