Fix your Own Printer?

  [DELETED] 22:30 21 Oct 2003

A few weeks ago my very old and trusty HP Laserjet IIIp sighed and died with ?Error 52? blinking on its poor ickle LCD screen.
I contacted HP to explore the possibility of a repair, I got passed hither and thither and several suggestions were made ranging from ?It?s too old to repair, trash it and buy a new one? to ?SEND it to us and we?ll have a look at it, if it can be repaired we?ll quote you?? . Send it? Have you any idea how much these things weigh?
Anyway all was lost it seemed until I chanced on an American company, based in California. Their site click here opens with a list of printer brands, click on one and a list of printer models appears, click on your model and a list of, in my case, error codes is show, click on the appropriate code and you are given the symptoms, for comparison, and told what you need to fix it. Most seem to be in kit form. The price for my ?kit? inc post & Packing $60 a little under £40. I?m sceptical but decide that its worth it, if it means I don?t have to waste those three £65 toner cartridges I have under my desk.
At about 8.30pm on the 15th Oct placed my order, just before 10pm I had an email confirmation. On the 16th another to say item despatched, expect it to take 5-10 days.
19th Oct package arrives. Contains new scanner motor assembly and CD. CD shows a video of step-by-step Instructions on stripping the printer replacing the scanner motor and re-assembling the printer. These instructions were clear and simple to follow so that even the most ham-fisted moron could have done the job. After watching the CD it took just 35 minutes to complete it. Result one HP Laserjet IIIp in full working order and £40 well spent.
As for the company, the service was ace, and as for the postage I couldn?t send a package from one side of Birmingham to the other in three days, but they got it all the way from California US of A. I score them 10 out of 10

  [DELETED] 16:05 22 Oct 2003

I know there's enormous satisfaction when things turn out well; also you have better idea of what's wrong next time.
Long time ago now but the quartz heater tube in my HP IIIp burned out, UK supplier charged just under £50 for the spare. Thanks for the web page.

  [DELETED] 23:09 22 Oct 2003

Had that tube go in mine a couple of years ago. HP wanted £95 for a roller assembly but I got a tube from a UK company for £ 17.50 inc P&P
I'll see if I can find the details and post them for future reference.

  Stuartli 09:27 23 Oct 2003

My seven-year-old Canon BJC 600e's comprehensive manual fully details maintenance procedures including changing the print head etc.

Fortunately it's never been necessary to date but I'd definitely have a go if it's required...:-)

  [DELETED] 16:46 23 Oct 2003

Your site seems to give more help with HP lasers than inkjets. If I knew the inkjet CD had all circuits and setup voltages for models covered I'd jump at it.
In the later half of the BBC Micro heydays the conventional full-wave single transformer gave way to the "Switched Mode Power Supply". OK, it was/is cheaper, lighter, more energy efficient. To stop folk messing about with SMPS, service sheets now seldom give electrical details,- you are expected buy a replacement sub-board...if available. An HP895 almost needed a tin-opener to getinto the power pack. My larger HP1175 was much easier to strip, but I wasn't able to get the set-up info, and still haven't.
I'd be delighted if someone finds such source.
Thanks again for the Ca one.

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