Five Year AnyTime dialup service for £150...

  Stuartli 14:42 11 Dec 2003

Is this too good to be true?

Do I follow my own advice and ignore such an apparently generous gift?

The conflict follows after the regular trip to Safeway to snap up the special offers that particularly appeal.

Examination of the till receipt back home revealed an advertisement on the back with an offer of unlimited dialup access (24/7) via a BT line for a one-off payment of £149.99 for FIVE years.

It's claimed to be in association with BT so I decided to check out the website, given as click here with a sales and helpline number of 0845 225 2020 and Ref SFW/MMG (SFW is clearly meant to represent Safeway).

No joy with the website.

However, keying in MMG Internet AnyTime into google brought up the following link:
click here

which outlines the same proposition.

Has anyone taken up this offer or know someone who has?

My ancient brain works out that this offer is six times cheaper than the average £14.99 a month normally paid for 24/7 dialup.

However, with the strong increase in broadband takeup it could be that dialup will become even cheaper - my Tiscali DayTime Plus account is £7.99 a month and DayTime is only £4.99 a month - so signing up for five years seems a little precarious.

Anyone any thoughts or observations?

  Jester2K II 14:50 11 Dec 2003

Hmmm You pay £150 up front and the company goes belly up 2 months later. Where would that leave you?

First link doesn't work BTW...

  Stuartli 15:00 11 Dec 2003

Re your last comment, I did point out in above:

"No joy with the website."

Re the "belly up" thought, I did think I had conveyed enough scepticism in my thread...:-)

  SEASHANTY 15:05 11 Dec 2003

Perhaps it becomes null and void when Morrisons take over Safeway. They may not feel at all obliged to carry on the offer.

  Jester2K II 16:09 11 Dec 2003

Sorry missed those bits..

  Stuartli 16:52 11 Dec 2003

May I respectfully suggest that you read the thread again...?

Safeway has nothing to do with it - it was an advertisement on the back of the till receipt (see fourth paragraph).

In any case, much as I want Morrisons to take over Safeway, there's news today that Safeway is now reconsidering the offer after Asda Wal-Mart's approach to buy up some of the stores.....:-(

It would be an opportunity missed as Yorkshire based Morrisons is a class act from any viewpoint.

  canard 17:13 11 Dec 2003

We are praying for Morrisons!

  oresome 19:42 11 Dec 2003

I wouldnt' mind risking £30 for 1 year and then extending it if they were still in business, but the way things are, you can't guarantee BT's future 5 years down the road.

  ronh 20:25 11 Dec 2003

The chance of Dialup lasting another 5 years is between zilch and zero. Technically, it may still be possible, but will there be ISP's supporting it, and will there be sites still usable on a 56K modem?, I doubt it. On the other hand, if thats your bag, I have a great line in B&W televisions (save money with a B&W TV license), and a great long wave only radio receiver going cheap!!!

  The Spires 20:42 11 Dec 2003

There were a few ISP's in the early days of umetered dial-up that did one off or one year payments, Red Hot Ant is one that springs to mind, some got a good deal out of it others paid £100 for two weeks use. There was one other that I subscribed to and came out just about even, but not my idea of security.

  Bandy 21:17 11 Dec 2003


I hope that ISPs will still be supporting dialup because I'm not convinced that my village will have got broadband in the next five years,

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