The Five Minute Bluetooth Challenge

  [DELETED] 18:10 03 Nov 2003

Hi folks,

Back in December Bluetooth device manufacturers got together amid concern that sales of Bluetooth kit were being hampered by setup difficulties and ease of use issues.

The idea was to create devices that could be setup within five minutes of leaving the box.

With more than a million Bluetooth devices now being snapped up each week, some are claiming that ease of use and set up issues have finally been overcome.

HAS ANYONE OUT THERE BOUGHT BLUETOOTH KIT THIS YEAR AND IF SO WHAT SETUP ISSUES DID YOU ENCOUNTER? Did it pass the five minute challenge? Specifically what kit did you buy - and when? What are you using Bluetooth for? Did you find it in any way liberating?


Many thanks in advance.

Guy (Online Ed)

  [DELETED] 18:23 03 Nov 2003

Well yes and no, I bought a Wavelinker USB Dongle. It worked as much recognising the usb device but as for actually getting the Bluetooth to work, especially with either of my Nokia Mobile phones I am still (7 months on) at a loss. Nokia blame Wave Linker and vice versa so I've given up with any help recifying the situation and written it off as a loss. I think Bluetooth's time has been and gone, overhyped when the technology just wasnt ready.

  ajm 18:23 03 Nov 2003

One of my clients bought a Belkin USB Bluetooth Adaptor to be used with his Nokia 8910i Mobile Phone.

Setup of the Belkin was smooth, however we could not get the Nokia 8910i to talk to the Bluetooth Adaptor. Nothing but trouble so far. The Bluetooth Adaptor found its way into a drawer of non-working but fashionable products

  [DELETED] 19:30 03 Nov 2003

I bought myself a Microsoft bluetooth mouse (in the last month)(complete with dongle) and had no troubles getting it to work once I had installed SP1 and a variety of patches. The big problem I had was when the batteries for my mouse died, and I replaced them and pressed a button to syncronise nothing happenned, and my mouse laid dormant for several days. The only way I got the mouse to work was to uninstall all the software and drivers and reinstall everything, then the mouse worked again.

I also have a sony ericsson t610 and for love nor money can not get it to connect to my bluetooth adaptor despite a connection being made. It is infuriating and I am not that impressed by bluetooth in this respect.

The mouse is brilliant, no cables and being able to put it wherever you want, but i will have to see signs of progress (better reliability and lower cost) before i buy more bluetooth again.
A wasted opportunity

  [DELETED] 20:52 03 Nov 2003

I too bought an F8T001 Bluetooth USB Adaptor v.2
...well I got it well cheap from a supplier. To cut a long and depressing story short it got drop-kicked into the Chalford canal followed by the proverbial one-finger salute..............nightmare on mine and other computers although I still have the box for posterity or a good offer ;-)))) I had the suspicious feeling that it was not compatible with 98SE, although the bumf swore allegiance to all Mr Gate's windows attempts.

I know a couple of chauffeurs that use the Motorola? Bluetooth earpieces and apart from abysmal bettery life they would cheerfully strangle the inventor, as the earpieces are driving them a tad bonkers. Good idea, bad implementation and a rare, triple Meh! from me.


  [DELETED] 23:26 03 Nov 2003

Sitting here in front of a MS Bluetooth Keyboard and mouse and VERY happy with it.

Only gripes are the need for Standard Keyboard to access Bios etc before the Bluetooth drivers are loaded. Pity that this is a necessity as it rather spoils the effect - get bluetooth to avoid wires but need wired to access your pc! (Having just had major probs this weekend with no less than FIVE installs of XP.....Trouble with SATA and even a Virus (Welchia worm and this from only installing XP and downloading from Windows Update.....No other software or internet connections and no less than Three infections)!!!

Five minutes out of the box? Easily - only trouble was when I tried to use my own rechargable batteries - would not have it and has a definite preference for Duracell with corresponding cost...

Other devices? I think we all now know of the INcompatibility issues so I have not yet tried!

  [DELETED] 09:57 04 Nov 2003

Superb - any more for any more?

Guy (Online Ed)

  [DELETED] 18:18 04 Nov 2003

I`d suspect divine intervention if you got any bluetooth device set up in five minutes !!

I have the following :- Nokia 8310i mobile with sims for Vodafone and Orange GPRS,

Ericsson headset, TDK usb dongle, Belkin pcmcia card and an MSI internal Bluetooth adapter.

Straight away you have compatability issues between different manufactures kit.

Getting the headset paired with the phone takes fast fingers to enter the code or it automatically fails, get past that hurdle and you find that some functions such as voice-dial
are not common to both brands, if you`ve got this far its actually quite pleasant to use, until you leave home, when the battery life is simply not good enough. Needless to say its apparently not compatable with the computer adapters so voice over Instant Messenger use or dictation is out the question.

Next we have the TDK adapter. This sits on the side of a monitor unused! When I first set it up and attempted to connect to the phone the PC crashed big time, as if a reset button had been pressed. Much fiddling about produced a working result but I just did not trust it after that. Whatever the conflict was I felt the effect on the computer was to severe for comfort.

Belkin card:- This works quite well. Set up on the laptop must have been alright as I don`t remember doing it! Communicates with the phone happily enough, until the phones bluetooth crashes! Nevermind, perhaps my phone may have a fault or a glitch in the software? Also tried pairing with a friends T68i phone to demonstrate the phones software suite which it did quite happily. I have used it at the same time as a WiFi card and a vodafone pcmcia card without any problems.

MSI adapter. This is a small internal card with a dinky little aerial not the USB key they also do. OK, I`ll admit it I bought this only beacause I built a system based on an MSI board and there was a connector for it! (yes, I know, its very sad! ;-)
This works OK, and as all the hardware/software is from MSI it does`nt have any compatability problems.

The computers are on XP home/pro which is probably easier than 98 to set up. I have Linux on the laptop and the MSI system but I have`nt had the patience to set Bluetooth up under it (yet)!

Occasionally, if I`m feeling bored, I`ve tried networking with it. So far it`s about Bluetooth five me nil! I just can`t get it to work.

Despite all the above I still think its a great idea, its just been badly implemented. I thought the whole point was to have a common standard enabling all devices in range of each other to connect simply.

What went wrong?


  [DELETED] 18:45 04 Nov 2003


meant to add that the phone, headset and TDK adapter were purchased in Aug/Sept 2002 and the Belkin/MSI kit in the last four months.

I only use the headset indoors now, and then only occasionally for calls I know will take a long time like customer services (and only if its fully charged).

The other kit gets a lot of use with the phones modem.

As for liberating, I can see the potential for this but so far its an expensive cable replacement if that counts lol !


  [DELETED] 23:36 04 Nov 2003

Using an MSI bluetooth USB dongle with a Sony Ericsson t610. No problems getting them to link up and go on the net (connecting to this site now using the two).

Only two problems are:
Can't get the blasted 'A PIM something something has been added, please configure...' that pops up on every restart of the laptop (the BTTray program running the adapter seems to cause this);

And the Sony software provided can't actually see the phone, but this is supposed to be a common problem.

I've used the PIM synchronisation with Outlook to send numbers, etc to the phone. No problem sending pictures, etc to other folk's phones.

Overall, easy enough to get set up for the net, so can't say I'm displeased.

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