first time laptop buyer. Help what should I buy?

  petercleach 13:07 24 Oct 2008

I have just started to work in Dubai. My wife was calling me from the UK, which we both knew would be expensive to make the call but I have just received a bill from 02 of 585 pounds for receiving calls. Yes thats 585 pounds for receiving calls, not making them.

I now want to buy a lap top which is light to carry; has a 14"screen;has a spreadsheet facility; wireless internet access; has a mouse;minimum 1 GB memory; hard drive in excess of 80 GB; must be able to hold video conversation with my wife so camera and microphone and headset essential.
Can anyone of you kind people out there PLEASE give me some advice on what to buy.

Peter Leach

  Clapton is God 13:13 24 Oct 2008

Do they not have landlines in Dubai?

It would be cheaper than receiving calls on a mobile.

As far as the laptop is concerned, what's your budget?

Have you bothered to look at any manufacturers sites, such as click here

  chub_tor 15:07 24 Oct 2008

click here Guide to Home Computing will guide you through the Toshiba range by screen size, weight and memory.

All laptops come with a touchpad mouse but you can buy an external one if you so desire. They also come with wireless internet access.

Many of the Toshiba laptops come with built in webcam and microphone but again you can add them externally. You don't need a headset if the microphone is built in unless you want to keep one side of the conversation private.

Some laptops come with Microsoft Works which has a built in spreadsheet, but you could download Open Office for free which is a much better programme.

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