First-time buyer - superbudget PC Package.

  schillaci_90 17:34 28 Dec 2004


I'm looking to buy a PC package for a superbudget price - maximum £400. I'll mainly be using it for word processing, and to surf the net on broadband, downloading largish files such as digital music. The rough specifications would ideally be:

Min. Processor: 2.0GHz
Min. RAM: 128MB
Optical Storage: CD-Rom/CD-Rewriter (poss. DVD)
Display: CRT/TFT Monitor included
Audio: Sound card & Speakers
Operating System: Windows XP Home
Software: Microsoft Works or Office.

At the moment, I'm considering some of the offers from Acer, Dell, Mesh, Packard Bell and eMachines, and at the EuroPC website, but can't decide which is the best. I'd appreciate any advice on these, or recommendations for similar packages under £400 for delivery or pick-up near West London.

Thank you in advance!

  Totally-braindead 18:49 28 Dec 2004

Only advice I would offer is try to get the fastest one you can for your cash with the biggest hard drive, preferably a 7200rpm one which is faster than the 5400rpm, and make sure it has an AGP port. I know what you say you want it for but chances are you will find a game you want to play sometime in the future or will want to run some sort of graphic intensive program and if you don't have an AGP slot your options to upgrade the graphics are seriously curtailed. Also make sure the memory comes in one slab so as to leave the others free for future expansion if you want to later on. Remember to budget for a printer as well, my personal favourites are Epson as the compatible refill cartridges are really cheap, typically £5 each.

  Forum Editor 18:51 28 Dec 2004
  ste_bla 19:40 28 Dec 2004

AMD Sempron 2200+ Processor
256MB DDR Memory
80GB 7200rpm Hard Disk
Integrated AGP Graphics
16-Speed DVD-Rom Drive
Stylish Black and Silver Chassis
17” Digital CRT monitor
4 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Ports (2 back, 2 front)
Ethernet 10/100
On-board Sound
56Kbps Fax/Modem
EasySpace Keyboard and Mouse
Full Microsoft Office Compatible Software Suite
(Word-processor, Spreadsheet, PhotoPaint, PhotoAlbum, Draw)
Microsoft Windows XP Home
6-year Warranty with 1-year On-Site


click here

  ste_bla 19:42 28 Dec 2004

Note doesnt have a dvd-writer though in the link for an extra;

£15 - Black CDRW/DVD Combi Drive 52x32x52x16x OEM + S/W


£42 - DW-D22A Dual Layer Black 16X DVD +/-R/RW oem

  kench 20:34 28 Dec 2004

Check out your local computer fair realy good bargains to be had there,Iget my inks for my Epson R200 (6 colours in all) all for a tenner and good quality.

  spuds 20:44 28 Dec 2004

There is a number of £399.00 special offers floating about at the present time. Try PC World or Staples, Office World.

  eddybee 01:07 29 Dec 2004

I'm looking for a new pc too. I'm hoping not to spend more than maybe £600-700. I was curious as to what you guys recommend. I looked through the superbudget pcs in the mag and they are almost all AMD comps, which a friend told me to stay away from. I was looking for a P4 because i've been told not to waste my money on a celeron.

Anyway, feel free to post any links or whatever help you guys can offer.


  TomJerry 02:26 29 Dec 2004

there are some great offers

One uggestion for £400

Base unit: £246.74 E-PC Mini Tower System AMD Sempron 2500+, 256MB DDR, 40Gb HDD, 16x DL DVD+/-RW, Keyboard & Mouse, 1yr Onsite Warranty, click here

Monitor 1: £149.2117" MD L1715 16ms Multimedia TFT Monitor Silver/Black (3yr Onsite Warranty) click here

Monitor 2: £129.19 17" Arianet Premium TFT Silv - 16ms click here

  schillaci_90 03:03 29 Dec 2004

Okay, thanks for the pointers. I've done a bit of searching and I've come up with a couple more options of my own:

1) Evesham Quest S24 Plus (click here) - £397 (including VAT, but NOT shipping).

Specification: AMD Sempron processor 2400+; Microsoft XP Home; 256MB DDR RAM 333MHz; 120GB Hard Drive with 8MB buffer; Direct 2D/3D graphics onboard; 17" CRT Monitor; DVD-ROM (16x)/CD-RW (52x32x52) Drive; Sound Blaster compatible audio; Creative SBS260 Speakers; Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse; Floppy Drive; Microsoft Works 8.0.

2) Dell Dimension 3000 (click here) - £361 (including VAT AND shipping).

Specification: Intel Celeron D processor 330 (2.66 GHz, 533FSB, 256k cache); Microsoft XP Home; 512MB Dual Channel DDR333 RAM (2x256MB) (Special Offer); 40GB (7,200 rpm) IDE Hard Drive; Dell E773p 17" (16.0 VIS) Value CRT Monitor; 48X DVD/CDRW Combo Drive; Creative Labs SB Live 5.1 Sound Card; Dell A215 speakers; Dell QuietKey Keyboard and USB Optical Mouse; Microsoft Works 7.0.

I've heard Dell and Evesham have good reputations for quality of product and service, but less so Tiny. I'd welcome any opinions on the pros and cons of these, and any of the packages mentioned so far.

  TomJerry 12:04 29 Dec 2004

with my suggestion, you get 17" TFT monitor, once you use one TFT, you will never go back to CRT. You also get a double layer, dual format DVD writer, HDD is small, bu can be upgraded in future

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