first thing to do with a new PC

  Khufu 11:47 03 Jun 2005

I have just purchased the Mesh 3500+ desktop and it is probably getting built as we speak! (or maybe not, depending on who you ask!), but I just wanted to know what things I should do when I set it up, I mean are there any tips that anyone has about a brand new PC, Do this...Dont do that...stay away from this program...get this anti-virus software????

Having the advantage of starting fresh is good, but I dont want to mess it up before I've begun!!

On another note, I was looking at the Vector on the mesh website, it seems exactly the same as the 3500+ but with a 19" screen and an extra 50Gig on the hardrive?? but its £999, I bought the 3500 with the upgraded screen for £856.00? whats the deal??

  Aspman 12:04 03 Jun 2005

From bitter experience don't hook it up the web straight away.

I generally follow this proceedure with a new machine (XPhome):

1)Start the machine and install partition magic and Norton ghost (if you don't have a disk).

Use partition magic to create a second partition large enough for a few images probably 10Gb. I might create a couple of other partitions just for keeping things organised.

Create a Ghost disk and image the current setup into the partition.

2)Get a firewall on the machine. If it's a new machine you should have SP2 installed so you could switch that on.

Personally I keep a CD with all my up-to-date tools on it so I can secure a machine before going on line.

I install zonealarm, Avast AV, Spyware S+D, Spyware blaster, Adaware 6SE and MS Antispyware before I go online.

First thing I do then is update all of the above programs and take the machine offline as fast as possible. Then I run the above to check the machine is clean.

3)Image the drive again.

4)Then it's off to the MS update site and get the machine patched up

5)image the machine again.

6) After a week or so if everything is stable I will probably remove the first two images.

It's a bit of a hassle doing this but it saves time in the future. The images before and after the Windows update is important as it is not unusual for the update process to screw up the machine.

If you don't have the software to partition and image the drive just do 2 and 4.

  wiz-king 12:23 03 Jun 2005

even, switch it on, check what programs are on the box then leave it switched on with a moving screen saver for one whole day or more - two or three if you can keep your hand off it that long! Then load hardware drivers and progs and make sure that the work, USB devices can be tricky especialy printers. Then start loading as per Aspman's thread. When you come to load any other progs load one at a time, rebooting the machine between each prog. Try the prog after you have loaded it (and all the others if you have the time)then load the next one.

This all takes a long time but your computer will be easier to set up and find problems on if you do things slowly.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 12:55 03 Jun 2005

I would just switch it on and use it. Install AVG, Spybot and Spyware Blaster and enjoy yourself.

But then I've never been overly cautious. I do think you can get a bit paraniod about these things.

I can't imagine anyone buying a new car and leaving it running for a few days just to see if anything goes wrong!

  Arthur Scrimshaw 12:56 03 Jun 2005

or even paranoid

  stalion 13:16 03 Jun 2005

check back here nearer the time you get your pc and we can give you links to the protective software to install.

  stalion 13:21 03 Jun 2005

your adaware is out of date latest version is 1.06 click here

  wiz-king 15:29 03 Jun 2005

most people who buy a car dont start changing the engine or even fitting a new gearbox in the first few days, but when you buy a new computer it comes as a basic chassis and you have to fit the wheels doors etc. It would be nice if you could order a computer with all the programs you needed fitted and ready to go but unless you buy from a small business that is not a viable option, you get the standard mixture and have to make it work by adding things.

  Monument 15:41 03 Jun 2005

I do not understand what you hope to acheive by running the machine for a few days just on the screensaver.

Can you possibly explain please.

  Totally-braindead 16:18 03 Jun 2005

First thing I would so is create a restore point, then install anti virus and enable the firewall, then I would INSTALL MY INTERNET PROVIDER AND update the anti virus before doing anything else.

  TomJerry 16:24 03 Jun 2005

(1) give memory a in-depth testing using memtest86 click here

(2) give PC an exhaustive burn-in test use program such as cpu burner click here, prime95 click here, cpu burn-in click here etc etc

(3) deep diagnostic test of HDD, download program from HDD maker web site for this

(4) test other components such as DVD writer

If your PC working fine with all those kicking, it is unlikely you will have problem with it later

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