First few hours on broadband silver.

  Rwstill 21:43 23 Sep 2004

Just started on broadband silver.
I have Norton firewire 2002, only updated first year.
I think I can download Mcafee firewire now for free.
Am I right and will I be able to download latest security patches free?
Is it as good as Norton?

  MIKE 21:51 23 Sep 2004

Hi Rwstill you should try AVG as it is free to download also the updates are free also. I use both AVG and Norton when my Norton subscription ends I will stay with AVG.

  ste_bla 22:40 23 Sep 2004

Mike-He is on about firewalls not antivirus

RWStill-Its reasonable i prefer sygate but i used it before.. i dont know if it is as good as but then as its updated its likely to detect more port attacks (a guess) give it a go you can always uninstal it (i did!)

  Stuarthouston 22:47 23 Sep 2004

Absolutely. Just go to keyword 'firewall' and you can get the latest version of mcafee firewall for free. You get all updates free untill you cancel your aol subscription.

  MIKE 11:01 24 Sep 2004

OOPS sorry guys write quickley repent with red face later.

  Rwstill 19:43 24 Sep 2004

That's all right Mike, nice to know we can still be human.

Thanks Stuarthouston that's what I wanted to hear.

Just booted up now 7.00pm and a lot of my icons have disappeared of my desk top.
In the last three days I upgraded to service pack 2 off the cover disk, and introduced broadband to much upheaval for it to cope with probably.

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