First Custom Built PC (£1000)

  poultergoose 22:01 28 Jan 2009

i am going to be building my first pc soon and i have the funding of £1000 and i was wondering if anyone could help me out on what things to get. espesually the motherboard and graphics card but all help is welcome. i could go up to £1300 and i would like it to be able to play all of the latest games if that is possible
hope you can help

  perpetual motion 22:04 28 Jan 2009

poultergoose, I had a grand to buy a pc the other day & was SOO undecided what to get & its only been tonight that i got one, although your building your own have a look at mine & the spec i got its a bit of a monster...

click here

  poultergoose 22:14 28 Jan 2009

ah ok u got a dell i was gonna buy the parts and put together. i am going to go for ddr3 stuff for mine if i can so where did u get yours from?

  perpetual motion 22:23 28 Jan 2009

i bought it from a website that didn have any bidders on this pc..?

I did fancy the DD3 BUT i just loved this QuadCore & the spec..

Ive seen the same Xps 720's & there is a bidding frenzy for them but this one there wasnt...? Well ok il let you into a secret i used the website "FatFingers" which if someone places a item on Ebay with a spelling misstake they will have a far greater chance of not selling it as it wont come up on normal searches for instance a "Dell XPS 720 H2C" was labeled "Dell H2c 702 Xps" & thats where i got lucky, they was only a handfull of people viewed it, However id been searching for quite sometime & this came to light
click here
BUT the damage looks severe, & he was asking £150 Plus he wanted £40 P&P so thats £190 more for a damaged pc..???
FatFingers is a great website ive also bought a 36 Volt Cordless Hitachi hammer drill for £180 when it retails new at click here
OK mine is second hand but it was a minter...

  poultergoose 22:34 28 Jan 2009

oh right yeah i can see how that would work. but i wanted a challenge which is why i am building it. but i think i have found the monitor that i am getting ASUS VH222D,
what do you think?

  perpetual motion 23:09 28 Jan 2009

poultergoose i think the model isnt correct in that text as i get a load chinese text..?

Take my hat of to you for the DIY bit..

  poultergoose 23:01 29 Jan 2009

anyone else got any sugestions on what components i should use in building my first computer. i would like them to be ddr3 but i dunno which ones 1200 pound budget?

  global-killer 13:29 31 Jan 2009

Have Built for several of my friends and family the following Spec:

EP35-DS3L M/Board
E8400 Dual Core Proc (3g per core)
4g DDR 2 6400 Ram
2off Maxtor 320g H/Drives (Sata)
2off dvdrw Drives
Floppy Drive
9500gt 1g memory Graphics Card
Artic cooler Freezer 7 Pro
Case + 450w Psu
Rear extract fan.
All cables ect.
XP Home.

While the graphic card is lowish spec this can easily be upgraded.

M/Board bios needs to be re-flashed to latest version to handle H/Drives properly

Cost for lot was £580

On my 9th one now and never had one back for any problems at all.
Seems to be able to handle any app thrown at them, even modern games.
Main thing to always remember is the system is only as good as the M/board its built on.
While I appreciate you are looking for a higher spec, just goes to show still get a very good and stable system at a reasonable price.

  poultergoose 00:48 01 Feb 2009

tnx for that i can see where you are coming from. i will probs get the same sort of thing but a 295 graphics card from nvidia and ddr3 but the motherboard like you said is the hardest thing to think of there are so many with tiny differances. which one to go for. needs to be ddr3 and bus speed of 1600mhz and that is about it am open to sugestions
thanks guys

  retep888 12:33 01 Feb 2009

If you want to go the GTX 295 and DDR3 Ram way then your £1000 budget could be a bit tight...

Graphic card click here

Motherboard click here

Memory click here

Processor(you may have to overclock it in order to keep up with the CPU) click here

Power supply unit(PSU) click here or to play safe click here

CPU cooler if you're overclocking click here

Tower case click here or even better click here

These all added upto well over £1000 plus Hard drive(1 TB min.),Operating System(VIsta 64bit recommended),min.24" monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse.

you need a good think.

  retep888 12:37 01 Feb 2009

<<Processor(you may have to overclock it in order to keep up with the CPU)>> should read as <<Processor(you may have to overclock it in order to keep up with the GPU(graphic card) >>

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