First Build / Upgrade - Advice Much Appreciated

  rwstoneham 21:05 27 Nov 2015

Hi all,

First time upgrading/building a PC, any advice very much appreciated :).

Below is my PC, it is 3.5 years old now and seems to be running fine (if not overheating). According to Speccy, my motherboard and GPU reach over 60oC most of the time. Is believe this is a problem?

My needs = gaming. What do I upgrade first? My first instinct is a new GPU (GTX 970), however, do I need to upgrade PSU for this? New motherboard? New case as cooling seems a concern?

I was considering a new motherboard with a skylake CPU, but is this even necessary?

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 Intel Core i5 3550 @ 3.30GHz
8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24) ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. P8H61-MX (LGA1155) 65 °C 1023MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 (ZOTAC International) 44 °C 465GB Seagate ST500DM002-1BD142 ATA Device (SATA) 26 °C 238GB Crucial_CT256MX100SSD1 ATA Device (SSD) 25 °C XILENCE 580W DUAL 12V RAIL SLI READY COOLERMASTER CM-690 II LITE BLACK 2 x 120MM STANDARD CASE FAN

I wish I was more knowledgeable regarding PC building but looking to learn!

Many thanks


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