Firewire query for DV JVC Camcorder

  BOTHWELL 22:36 04 Jun 2005

I have just bought a JVC GRD 290 DV Camcorder, and am looking to buy a firewire card and cable. The manual obviously recommends using a JVC unit, but I was wondering if any one could be used. I have read that there have been data transfer problems with using certain cards/cables. Does anyone know of a good one to buy. Is it worth buying a card which is a combined firewire and USB 2.0 to use with my digital still camera, as my existing USB is not the high speed version? Lastly, is it worth me upgrading my hard drive to cope with editing video images on the PC (my present drive is 80GB). Any help appreciated.

  gazza38 09:32 05 Jun 2005

I have a JVC camcorder too.I have used this on both my PC's.The firewire connections are not from JVC and they both work fine.

Yes,it is worth getting a combination card,if you don't have USB2.If you also get a USB2 card reader for your digital stills camera the transfer rates will be greatly improved.

One word of caution,depending on your editing program,your camcorder may not automatically stop after capture.
With pinnacle studio 9+ all should be fine.
With Adobe you have to manually stop the JVC after capture.

Have fun.

  gazza38 09:43 05 Jun 2005

Forgot to mention,
it is well worth installing an extra HDD.Keep your old HDD as it is and install a second one.
If your HDD are not SATA,setup the new HDD as slave (just change the jumper setting) and format as NTFS not FAT32.The reason for this is the maximum file size for FAT32 is 4gb.
1hr of DV (AVI) capture is 13gb approx.

Capture and create auxillary files (edit) to your new HDD.Things run faster and smoother with two or more HDD.I use three HDD,as above,plus an external for adding music,sound effects and photo's to my projects.


  BOTHWELL 15:57 05 Jun 2005

Thanks for the info Gazza. Sounds like what I needed to know.

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