[DELETED] 09:19 24 Sep 2003

Wow....I just set up a home network to share files, printers, play games over the network and share a broadband connection for two PCs. I currently use ZoneAlarm as it's free and well regarded. I was thinking about upgrading to ZoneAlarm Pro - but a 2 PC licence for 1 year is USD 110!

Is there a consensus as to which Firewall I should be using on two networked home PCs which won't block the PCs from sharing files etc?

  [DELETED] 13:39 24 Sep 2003

I have used Norton Internet Security without any problems but there are a number of threads about the difficulty / impossibility of contacting Symantec if you run into trouble.

  Pauper 13:47 24 Sep 2003

McAfee firewall version 4, £20 - £25 per pc and can run allonside their viruscan (look for combined packs in pc world etc). The configuration wizard for each pc has a section which allows you to specify the ability of the pc to see other computers shares, and also if you wish to allow other pc's to see you shares. All very quick and easy.

  [DELETED] 14:35 24 Sep 2003

I've always found Norton to be pretty expensive, there seem to be few discounts for each year's upgrade (they're becoming more like Microsoft). McAfee sounds like it might fit the bill, particularly with their virus-scan.

Any other suggestions?

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