Firefox v. Ope'ra' Web Browsers

  Dannyb 17:33 02 Sep 2004

I'm thinking of using Opera or Firefox instead of IE. And advise as to which is best, and why, would be appreciated.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:09 02 Sep 2004

Try them both and see which suits you...personally I prefer Avant but each to their own.


  Dorsai 21:19 02 Sep 2004

I have IE, Netscape, and recenty (today) firefox.

Never tried avant.

Thay are all differnt, but also much the same, as they allow you to surf.

So try them all, and pick the one you like the best. I have noticed that since i started using firefox the flakyness of PCA fourum has gone. coincidence? dunno, just know it works.

  mbp 21:31 02 Sep 2004

Dorsai, I do not think that it is coincidence. Many web sites appear better like PCA, Dpreview, etc.with Firefox compared to IE. Text seem to be much clearer.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:32 02 Sep 2004

I have used Firefox since it was Phoenix 0.3 as well as Mozilla since 0.6.

I like it very much, particularly from once the extensions are invoked.

  Dannyb 21:39 02 Sep 2004

Thanks chaps. Firefox it is then. What about email providers other than OE whilst we're on about change!!??

  Dorsai 21:41 02 Sep 2004

I think i like it (firefox) too. no more errors. seems faster. can still read what i am seeing. Like the 'open in tab' as netscape does, no more mulitiple open windows. (as in IE). Ok some pages display a bit odd, but at least they diplay to start with....

Any one care to post to avant download site?

So we fourumit's can give it a go.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:43 02 Sep 2004


Becky from I used since 1997

The Bat I have played with from

Pegasus from is free and good.

Calypso is now free too.

Eudora has a free, adware and pay version - all good.

  easyrider66 21:55 02 Sep 2004

Have a look at thunderbird, also from mozilla.


  mbp 11:14 03 Sep 2004

Dannyb: You mean mail Servers rather than Providers of course. As already suggested, Thunderbird! It is flexible and probably a lot more secure than Outlook Express. What I like about it is that you can transmit your email in either Plain or Rich Text, so that whatever system your Receiver has imposed on their own server, they will be able to see the message. In HTML preferably, of course.

However, I am currently torn between Thunderbird my default mail server instead of BT-Yahoo BB Mail which has Norton's AV protection for their mail (and Browser?). Comments on this para would be appreciated.

  Belatucadrus 15:16 04 Sep 2004

click here for i.scribe as an alternative e mail prog. HTML handling leaves something to be desired but for script mail it's excellent. Very compact and secure.
Firefox is great, I occasionally use IE 6 to remind myself just how much better Firefox is.

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