Firefox with BT query

  Guardsman2 11:37 29 Aug 2014

Have recently added the Firefox Browser, in addition to Internet Explorer to my Windows 8.1 PC. Am using BT as my home page. Like it very much but cannot find a way to lock in my location for the BT Weather on my keeps reverting to London...where I am not. Any help will be appreciated.

  alanrwood 15:55 29 Aug 2014

Not sure but I think you need to set your location on the web page itself and this is then stored as a cookie on your computer. At least that is the way other weather sites work.

  Guardsman2 15:54 30 Aug 2014

Thanks Alan but does not work...have altered the Location dozens of times and it always reverts to London when I leave the browser then return again. Have added the Firefox Weather App and this is OK and set to my home town...however, I just like the one in the BT Browser.

  rdave13 16:46 30 Aug 2014

Check that the setting for 'clear history when FF closes' isn't ticked. Also have a look here for your cookie settings.

  Guardsman2 17:46 05 Sep 2014

Thanks rdave 13...tried those as you said...still reverts to London when I restart my computer. Thanks for trying.

  rdave13 23:23 05 Sep 2014

Guardsman2 , I can only think you have a third party software, such as Ccleaner, that will also clear the cookies on the site. You need the cookies 'saved' on that page otherwise it will return to default, ie, London. Check your 'cleaning' programs, they usually allow you to keep the cookies you need while cleaning others. If you use IE then tools, internet options, under 'browsing history', select the delete tab, then tick the box for Preserve Favourite website data.

  Guardsman2 17:49 11 Sep 2014

Hi rdave 13...You've cracked it. It took me a while to figure it out...I do run Ccleaner (have done for years and find it very useful) and, after 'excluding' and Modzilla/Firefox Cookies which did not crack it...I finally clicked on the Ccleaner heading 'Applications, and unticked, under Firefox, Cookies...Hey Presto...success. Many thanks...once again you have come to my rescue...and stopped this octogenarian from tearing out the rest of his hair. Regards. Guardsman2

  rdave13 19:28 11 Sep 2014

Guardsman2 I'm happy you're sorted. I'm a bit 'miffed' as I'm only a young pup sexagenarian I have to keep away from strong winds otherwise I'll only have my heavily growing eyebrows left for 'hair'.

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