Firefox 9 now available

  TopCat® 17:51 21 Dec 2011

More details. here TC.

  Condom 21:50 21 Dec 2011

Please please let it be faster than the last offering. What has become of Firefox?

  TopCat® 00:23 22 Dec 2011

Apparently it is faster; see last paragraph of details posted. TC.

  sunnystaines 09:41 22 Dec 2011

version 9.01 now out

  BJN 07:36 24 Dec 2011

seems to be more stable than version 8 it's not yet crashed, lets hope they have fixed the crash bugs as myself and a few friends have been frustrated with the unstable version 8.

  chub_tor 12:23 24 Dec 2011

There is also a version 10 beta which so far (two days) has been crash free and responsive on my machine.

  Input Overload 14:21 26 Dec 2011

After using Chrome for some time & applying many updates I decided it was time for a total removal & a re-install to remove unused program parts. I did this & removed all relevant registry & program entries, then I did a C:\ image.

I also decided to give Firefox another whirl as I haven't run it for some time & read about the latest java speed boosts etc. I must say I liked the themes etc. & was quite pleased & felt maybe I could live with it. After a few days & when I had given it some serious use I realised it was much like a face-lifted car that looks modern & full of extras but underneath it's clunky & dated.

Yesterday imaged back a week & re-installed Chrome & it was like a breath of fresh air. I can't see me giving either Firefox or Opera another try - You of course may feel differently?

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