Fire wipes out internet in Manchester

  powerless 20:01 29 Mar 2004

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Although; as I live in Manchester, well a little outside i'm not affected! :-)

  Lead 05:51 01 Apr 2004

Pfft. Just in Manchester eh? Don't think so. I work in Liverpool and our station lost it's connection and collegues in Holyhead lost services too :(

  Stuartli 08:46 01 Apr 2004

You can't blame BT for the consequences of such a fire deep in a tunnel - judging by what has been reported on its rapid reaction, its engineers will be working flat out for several days to have the system up and running again by the weekend.

Apparently some 130,000 telephone lines have been affected and the task of repairing the damage is clearly a massive one.


Your second link unfortunately doesn't work. It is presumably:

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  Sir Radfordin 09:20 01 Apr 2004

Stuartli - try telling that to the people posting on the BBC's website: click here

There seems to be an expectation that BT should have been able to think of every problem that may ever occur and then build in redundancy for it.

Some sensible people point out that regardless of what BT does in the way of disaster recovery any business who depends on phonelines should have had their own DR plan in place.

What is worrying is the extent that we depend on the phonelines/cables in this area....or more that people don't know how to cope when you can't make a phone call. How on earth did generations before us cope?

  Barney 10:38 01 Apr 2004

I live in Buxton derbyshire and my phone line was also down,Ihave Broadband so was able to access the web.My mobile was also down Vodaphone no service in Buxton.

  SEASHANTY 22:48 01 Apr 2004

Fire Wipes out internet in Manchester? Rubbish.
Here it is all working fine. On NTL cable BB.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:02 02 Apr 2004

Shouldn't the headline be ' t'internet?


  The Spires 00:28 02 Apr 2004

I live just over the hills from you Barney & have had some very interesting trace routes this week as they skirted around Manchester.

  Stuartli 16:32 02 Apr 2004

I see that BT will connect the final 1,000 lines by tonight - I think the company and its employees deserve a massive pat on the back in completing a gigantic task so quickly.

  spuds 23:26 02 Apr 2004

This fire had a far reaching effect, which caused serious problems for a large city council in the midlands. Their website went down, with major contact problems for their users.Makes you think about the old saying "Don't keep al your eggs in one basket".

  Tony 08:15 03 Apr 2004

A small business customer in Congleton Ches who I look out for was completly knocked out for 3 days due to this . his 2 Bt landlines and ISDN Internet connection all went dow the only thing that worked was his mobile. But get this a nother one that I look after in Bramhal Manchester who is with Ntl no problem, and yet a large company in Newcastle-under-Lyme who uses Ntl lost all of comuncation.

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