A fine mess at MESH

  MR CDS 11:36 07 Sep 2004

Ordered a £2000 PC from Mesh on the 19th August. Due to various reasons, had to cancel the order, primarily as PC would not be shipped with XP service pack 2. This does not sound as inconvenient as it sounds as the machine had not been built and the order cancelled within days.

Telephone conversation with Mesh confirmed cancellation, but on checking my credit card statement at the end of last week, I see Mesh had taken the amount immediately after taking the order and still not refunded.

Despite various telephone calls and promises that my refund would be credited by today – no refund has been forthcoming. It would appear that Mesh cannot:

1) Read or answer emails of any form or description.
2) Read or answer faxes of any form of description.
3) Have anyone in charge who you can talk to.
4) Do not comply with the Sales of Goods Act and should not have charged my credit card without being able to ship the good on the day of debit.

Thankfully, I am a good customer with my credit card company who have agreed to put this matter in dispute. In short, they will be contacting Mesh and asking why the refund is not forthcoming.

Furthermore, I can only be thankful that I did not take delivery, because if Mesh cannot sort out a simple refund transaction, I hate to think what they would be like if I needed technical support or similar.

Order at your own risk!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:26 07 Sep 2004

Was it that important to have SP2?


  MR CDS 12:41 07 Sep 2004

Because if I was paying £2000 for a machine, I want the latest software available. Added to that, I have installed SP2 on two other machines with no problems at all.

I think SP2 is worth having.

  Urotsukidoji 12:52 07 Sep 2004

well if you have installed it on 2 other machines, you will have the installer file. copy it onto a cd, and install it yourself, unless you find that too difficult.....

  MESH Support 12:57 07 Sep 2004

I am sorry to hear that you have not had the speedy resolution you deserve in this matter.

Please send your serial number along with your screen name (MR CDS) to me at [email protected] and I will look into what is causing this delay.

Regarding SP2, as you may have seen in this forum alone, there are many problems with SP2 that still remain unsolved. We will not sell our range of PC's with SP2 until we are sure it is working correctly with all systems.


Mesh Support

  spuds 13:20 07 Sep 2004

If you check with other manufacturers, you will find that most are holding back with the SP2 installation until they are convinced that there will be no problems for their customers. People like IBM have made it very clear, that their employees are not to install the SP2 programme on company products, until their technical people are fully convinced about SP2's merits.

What would you do, if you purchased a computer, as were your intentions, and the machine gave problems from day one due to a fault with the SP2 configuration. Would you ask the computer manufacturer to take full responsibility for the possible 'other companies' product, and perhaps ask for a returns refund or replacement!.

The computer manufacturer, in this case Mesh,are only protecting themselves and their customers at this stage. Sound business practise, I would have thought.

As to your order cancellation and refund, I agree, that's another matter which requires further answers.

  Djohn 13:43 07 Sep 2004

I agree spuds. The problem of refunding does need sorting, seems a long delay. To the credit of mesh though, there have been a couple or three post in the forum complaining [Different issues] and Davey from Mesh support has replied in each with a promise to look at the matter. j.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:21 07 Sep 2004

I find the excuse for cancelling the order very, very weak and picky although the refund should have been quicker if they had not started on the machine. If SP2 had been put on 2 other machines by MR CDs surely putting it on anohter would not be too tedious, especially as the machines are very good. Just find it a rather odd reason for cancelling.


  Starfox 14:54 07 Sep 2004

Is there more to this than would first appear?I agree with Gandalf,your reasons for cancelling seem unreasonable.

  helmetshine 16:47 07 Sep 2004

Altho MR CDS is perfectly entitled to ask for what he wants and,if he doesn't get it,to take his business elsewhere,it does surprose me he cancelled over SP2,especially,as he states, he had no trouble putting it on himself on 2 machines.It would have made more sense if he'd had some trouble getting it to work properly and wanted it done for him on the new PC.

I also don't believe Mesh are in contravention of the Sale of Goods Act by taking his money straight away.Ive only bought 2 PCs (Evesham and,recently,Alienware) both took the money when i placed the order....i would have thought that was standard practice.After all,until they have the money how can they be sure the customer can pay.

I also believe they have up to 30 days to process any refund,not saying it shouldn't be done quicker,but they haven't exceeded that yet.So exactly what have they done thats wrong?

  MR CDS 19:02 07 Sep 2004

Er, if you cannot figure out what my complaint is regarding Mesh Computers, let me spell it out to you.

1) According to my credit card, Mesh should not have taken any money for my order until the computer was either a) started to be built and b) despatched from their factory.
2) Mesh promised the refund would be with me today – it wasn't.
3) Mesh will not respond to emails.
4) Mesh will not respond to faxes.

The reason for my cancellation is 100% unrelated to this complaint. I cancelled the order in compliance with Mesh terms and conditions, er, that is what terms and conditions are for.

If it takes 28 days for a refund to be processed, why did they say the refund would be with me today?

Also, it is a sad state of affairs and an indictment to the company itself, when Mesh has to answer customer complaints through an open forum, instead of setting up a dedicated customer compliant telephone line. Read other forums, Mesh looks as if it has a terrible reputation with complaints dotted all over the net.

If Mesh say SP2 causes problems, why are Mesh adverts telling us that SP2 is now being shipped with new systems?

And no, I will not supply Mesh with anymore details. They have had their chance with various emails and letters – all went unanswered. My credit card company are contacting Mesh on my behalf and as the amount has been suspended from my credit card statement, I will take no further interest in the matter.

The reason for the post was not to debate the merits of SP2 but to alert everyone to the truly rotten customer service from Mesh Computers.

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