Feeling a bit of a clot after buying a Sony Clie

  Steven135 00:07 05 Oct 2003

I should know better after coming to this forum for so long.

I just bought a Sony Clie Peg-NX70V from PC World at £379.98. then I looked on the Web for a case on Expansis only to find the same machine advertised for:£264.38 difference of £115.60!!

click here

Before going to PC World I checked on the Sony Web Site the price was about the same as PC World so off I went.

The Machine is excellent the service was also good but I have written to PC World to ask why the huge price difference I realise that you can get some good deals on the web but £115.60 difference?

I wondered if the package was different but it does not seem to be and the price from Expansis is with VAT Added.

Big case of Caveat Emptor (if that's how you spell it) just posting on here as a salutary warning to others to hunt around but then you probably already do. Then I found Dabs were even cheaper (feeling just a little sick).

  Tim1964 00:12 05 Oct 2003

Can't you try and return it gor a refund?
Or how about a price match?
I would have thought that most large retailers would rather have a happy customer (even an ex-customer) than bad press. I know for a fact that Tesco, Argos, Index etc would refund no problem if you tell them "it was cheaper at....."

  Djohn 01:40 05 Oct 2003

PC world have a 14 day no questions asked returns policy. Just take it back and say you do not want it. This is on their site, under customer service then returns policy. Regards. j.

  Steven135 09:04 05 Oct 2003


Thank you for taking the time and trouble to get in touch.

I have looked on the PC World site the only problem is that I have used the machine and broken the seals on the software according to their terms and conditions this means they will not accept the return.

I have written to them, below is a copy of the e-mail I have sent to them, they have acknowledged receipt of this and say their customer services will look into it. I live in feeble hope.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have just purchased a Sony Clie PEG-NX70V from your Solihull store.

My reason for writing is the price £379.98. I am wondering if I have been charged the correct price I discovered that I could have got it over a £100 cheaper from Expansis and other firms (Dab) on the Web. I realise that you can often find items cheaper on the Web but this seems to be a very great pricing discrepancy.

I am a PC World fan and have always found the service to be excellent as it was on this occasion. I have over the years spent thousands of pounds with your firm on laptops, PDA?s, software, printers and desktop computers my last purchase a few weeks ago was an HP Officejet 7130. I have always found that your prices compare very favourably with the added bonus of buying from a local store, hence my enquiry.

Hoping that this is an error I await your response.

Thank you in advance for your help in this

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:14 05 Oct 2003

Sorry, but as we live in a free market society the onus is on the purchaser to ensure that he/she attains the best price. Half an hours research can save pounds. PCW may refund some of the price but as you were happy with the price when you purchased it (or you wouldn't have bought it) I fail to se why they should. Of course you have no way of knowing if the item is in stock or if the price is correct. Expansis could have bought bankrupt stock or just be selling them at cost to get rid. I would bet huge amounts of cash that any of the other contributors to this thread would not refund the difference if someone bought an item off them and saw it advertised cheaper....................


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:15 05 Oct 2003

ps...it is only reasonable for PCW to not accept kit with broken seals...imagine someone on this forum buying it and the furore it would start re. selling 2nd hand goods. It is sometimes worth putting oneself in the shoes of a retailer. You have learnt a pointed lesson.


  mikef. 11:11 05 Oct 2003

Hate to say this but I agree with GANDALF <|:-)> , :-) , but the onus was on you to check prices, if PCWorld are selling at the recommended retail price and others are selling it cheaper that's just a fact of business life. This happens in everything you buy, for example if you go on holiday and find other people have paid less do you then write to claim that difference back, probably not, it's just something we have to accept in real life.

  Forum Editor 11:35 05 Oct 2003

you never know,and I can sympathise with you to a degree, but I'm sorry to say that I agree with the others - it's up to you to check prices before purchasing, and unless there's a price promise you can hardly expect a supplier to be the loser if you didn't do it.

  Steven135 12:47 05 Oct 2003

Gandalf and all I too agree with you, doesn't stop you giving yourself a sound kick for being so daft especially as I have had the benifit of the combined wisdom on this site for so long.

I just wanted to save others from doing the same and as Gandalf said an extra half hour... but then wisdon is learned more through error than perfection.

Thanks all, you never know they may change the price for others. And I am still pleased with the Clie it is an amazing piece of modern technology.

Did you buy on a Credit Card? Some cards, like Barclaycard, offer a price promise and will refund the difference if you find it cheaper within 60 days.

  Forum Editor 14:17 05 Oct 2003

and I for one hope that your plea to PC World doen't fail - don't hold your breath though.

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