Fedex VAT Advancement Fee ?.

  paulo 17:17 18 Jan 2019

Hi There, I purchased a Galaxy FT-1 finger protector from the USA it cost $160 Fedex slapped me with an aditional bill for €37.18 VAT 24.68 Advancement fee 12.50 I contacted Galaxy to find out why this is and as far as there concerned all VAT & delivery charges have been paid. As this is new to me I don't understand how the Government can add VAT?

  hastelloy 18:07 18 Jan 2019

"as far as there concerned all VAT & delivery charges have been paid"

They will have been paid in the States but the UK government wants it's cut. This is always the danger when buying from abroad.

  wee eddie 19:00 18 Jan 2019

Did they actually say, "All delivey and local taxes paid"

VAT is a UK Tax and you get charged for them doing the bookwork, if they have to pay on your behalf

  BRYNIT 20:05 19 Jan 2019

This may help you understand what you have to pay when importing from outside the EU CLICK HERE

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