Fed up with MR.DELL

  THOMASIO 20:19 04 Sep 2005

I have a Dell Dimension 8300. This computer was bought two years ago for around £1700. It has a DELL INTEL 875P motherboard. Dell as I am sure most people are aware do not supply the Windows XP operating disc but a recovery disc instead. Because there helpline is in India I have found myself on the phone for an hour at a time and no better of at the end finding it very difficult at times to converse with the operator at the other end, this would discourage from buying another DELL. Although I have a four year on site warranty this does not cover software. I have been told on occassions you have a software problem, a service which they charge extra, I am not sure the rate. I would like to buy WINDOWS XP, load the system and forget about MR. DELL. Does anyone see a problem, would there for instance be the driver for the DELL Motherboard on XP or would it be possible to download from another source or would I need to change the motherboard? All the rest of the gear is NEC, SEAGATE, CREATIVE ETC. I would appreciate a reply from some knowlegeable folk as to the possible pitfalls.

  james55 20:30 04 Sep 2005

It is pity you feel you have to go down this road, format the disc and you should have no problems with loading a new genuine Windows XP.

  Pooke 20:44 04 Sep 2005

Drivers will be an issue, unfortunately I don't have any experience of Dells so I can't help you on that one.

Don't reformat untill you're sure.


  Diodorus Siculus 20:52 04 Sep 2005

click here
Everest will ID your components and you can get drivers from MS.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:52 04 Sep 2005

From Dell, not MS.

Or via google.

  THOMASIO 21:22 04 Sep 2005

Thanks guys would really love to hera from someone who has done it.

  accord 21:41 04 Sep 2005

my recovery disc via Mesh works fine after i formatted. ie i thinks its a full version with recovery printed on it. yours may be the same.

  fitcher 22:48 04 Sep 2005

when I went into the bios on my dell inspiron laptop .I found it was dells own bios ,and one is limited ...the only thing I can change seems to be the clock time .(I was interested in checking the cpu heat )this has never been a problem with my other pcs that I built myself ,I do hope it will not be a problem when I put a new xp system on,and fit a larger hard drive that I want to ,are dells desktop pcs the same.? they did not even give me a recovery disk ,it is a ghost partion that I do not like at all ,I would have paid extra for a proper windows disk if they had given me the choice..

  THOMASIO 22:55 04 Sep 2005

Thanks fitcher I fear that MR.Dell gets his hands in on everything, in this case your BIOS. I would appreciate more feedback, changing the motherboard would probably get around most problems. Never Never Never Again for me.

  dan11 23:34 04 Sep 2005

It's fairly easy to do. Have done 3 to date.

First check the cd, as accord, it may be a full version.

Next back up the drivers with a niffty program from click here. The username is "drivers" and the password is "all". use the toolkit and save it to a folder, burn the folder to a cdr. Then use it when you have windows installed.

Motherboard should be fine, so all you have to do is press the F12 when the dell logo appears. This should bring up the boot menu. highlight the cdrom and press enter. This should take the cdrom to the top of the list. Save settings and reboot. Pop the XP disk in and the installation routine will start. You will be asked to press any key to start. Press the space bar and away you go.

  Forum Editor 23:45 04 Sep 2005

your Dell recovery disk will reset your machine to its factory state, and provided you have the disks for any software that you've installed you could run a recovery, reinstall your software, and be back to square one - obviously you would need to back up your data files first, but that's presumably not a problem - I take it your computer has a CD writer?

You haven't said what the problem is, apart from mentioning that Dell think you may have a software problem. If that's the case, it can be fixed, and perhaps before you move to drastic measures we could examine that aspect of things - tell us what's happening (or not happening) to make you contact Dell in the first place.

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