Kyomii 10:18 23 Jun 2003

>>>By all means start your own thread if you want to say something about your personal experiences>>>

Well, I do apologise for what you call "hijacking" a thread.

However, what about the person who asked me the question within the thread?

Am I to take it that if someone asks me a question within a thread that I have to start a new one to reply to them?

What about the person who also accused me of advertising - is that not "hijacking a thread?"

The reason why I didn't start a new thread is because I was asked a question within the original thread and I see so often, someone starting or not starting a new thread and then being told to either "start a new thread....or "don't start a new thread, post in the original"

its very confusing.

If you care to look at my record you will see that I have only ever started one (or maybe two threads) including this one - EVERY other time I have taken the time and dedication (as many others have) to give my help to others, which is not easy for me given my circumstances.

However, even though I was wrongly accused and I was also asked a question within a thread - I seem to be the one to be targeted for not starting a new thread?

I can give many examples where threads have gone off subject (which this really didn't as such)- and when we communicate with others in real life, EVERYONE's conversation jumps from one subject to another - that is how ideas are born and things are resolved, and people understand each other.

I thought a discussion forum was a virtual-real-life situation.

I do apologise again for answering a question, and humbly apologise if I have upset anyone else, but could I ask you to remove me from the list please, as I no longer wish to be a member.

Thanks in advance, and apologies again...

  MichelleC 10:36 23 Jun 2003

I don't know what went on, but I think I can get the gist.

If someone replies to a thread and then asks another question this can lead to the original thread veering right off in a tangent. This isn't very helpful when others do a later search to find a solution to a specific problem.

I'd suggest swallowing that very cumbersome thing of obstacles (pride) and continue using one of the best forums in pc - related helplines.

  tenaka 11:09 23 Jun 2003

Best solution would be to continue the way we have been doing, and if the FE, or someone, suggests a new thread, they do so as a suggestion and not an accusation of not following the rules.

Conversations do jump and tbh, I've noticed many threads go off the original point. If the mass are involved they tend not to mention starting a new thread though.

  -pops- 11:09 23 Jun 2003

As this appears to be a private comment made to the FE it would perhaps have been better made via the "Contact Moderator" button which is the hotline to HQ rather than involve the general forum in a totally confusing statement containing no reference to the original hi-jack!;-))


  PC Advisor. 12:09 23 Jun 2003


Thanks for the kind words.

Pops - you're absolutely right. That's what the 'contact moderator' email address is for.

Thread locked for the purposes of Best Practice.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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