Favourite purchase of 2002

  Steve27 18:33 04 Jan 2003
  Steve27 18:33 04 Jan 2003

Before the new year gets frayed at the edges I just wondered what people here counted as the best purchase they had made (IT wise) in 2002. There is some point to the question beyond idle curiosity as personal recommendation is very helpful.

A friend has just asked me to go with him next week to buy a PC System I know all the arguments for this and that setup, personally I have found that careful choice of peripherals makes a huge difference to the computing experience.

My favourite purchase of 2002 has to be my Logitech MX700 rechargeable optical mouse, it may be a Little pricey but it is superb.

  cottager 18:42 04 Jan 2003

Happy new year to you Steve27!
My best purchases [two] for 2002 were the Epson printer 830 and the Fuji digital camera. I wish I could have said the Evesham notebook but there has been a problem [modem wise] with it. Although the notebook performs well in all other respects so credit to Evesham in part.

  steve0 18:45 04 Jan 2003

Best purchase - Microsoft optical wireless mouse and keyboard.

  powerless 18:50 04 Jan 2003

AMD Athlon XP 2400+ processor...

2 x 256MB DDR RAM (PC2700)...

120GB Western Digital 7200rpm UDMA 100 hard disk drive...

128 nVIDIA GeForce4 ti4600 AGP graphics with TV-out & DVI...

16x DVD-ROM drive...

LG 48x16x48 CDRW Drive...

18" LG Flatron 1810B TFT Screen...

Creative inspire 5.1 DTT5700 Speakers...

Soundblaster Audigy soundcard...

Logitech cordeless, optical keyboard and mouse...

..............and the bundled software !

I love it and most of all it loves me...awww

OH and that windows XP, nice...

  tigger2406 18:50 04 Jan 2003

Can do better than that: Dabsvalue / A4Tech rechargeable wireless optical mouse, £20. Rechargeable through USB cable (and you can use it while charging, unlike cradle-type ones) or most Nokia mobile phone chargers.

Although an honourable mench goes to my 17" TFT monitor (now discontinued I believe). Mmmmm.

  tigger2406 18:55 04 Jan 2003

Oh, and my digital camera : Mustek Gsmart Mini2 - 2.1 MPixel by software jiggerypokery (1600x1200), standard res is 1280x1024 at which it can do 54 pics. Will take nearly 4 min of avi video (no sound), has a timer, works as a webcam (most of the time), and if you're really going mad it'll take 216 pics at 640x480. Oh, and smaller than a credit card (with a nodge on the front.)

  Magik™ 18:55 04 Jan 2003

a Dell inspiron 8200...all singing all dancing.

I was asked if I was interested in buying some old PC's as a company was upgrading.

Asked a few family members and eventually "Ordered" six at £125.00 each (PII 450MHZ or PIII 500Mhz)

Went to collect them and discovered that the monitors were all 22" Iiyama Vision Master Pro 510 or Sony equivalents!

Wish I had ordered more now...many, many more....!

  Pilch.... 19:21 04 Jan 2003

among the upgrade's, the add on's, my 17" Taxan monitor with USB hub built in is the best..... all for £20

  BrianW 19:45 04 Jan 2003

Apart from Worms Armageddon at £5.00 (got to relax sometimes) my 17 inch Philips TFT. I've got more space on screen and on my desk - at last!

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