Faulty software from Aria.co.uk

  erkmatrix 13:09 04 Jan 2010

Hi I just wanted to come on to find out some consumer rights advice here to find out what best to do. I bought a Windows 7 oem software from Aria.co.uk on the 17th Dec but didn't try it till Christmas day as it was a gift. It didn't work and just gave me a blue screen everytime I tried to install. I sent a return request to them on 26th and explained the problem but got only got an email on 2nd Jan saying they don't accept software returns. So I'm now stuck with a faulty windows 7 software and £68 out of pocket. Surely I have a right to return software if it doesn't work as its no good for anything.

what would you suggest I do.


  I am Spartacus 14:39 04 Jan 2010

It's likely to be an incompatibility with hardware in your system. Run the Windows Upgrade Advisor which should highlight the problem areas. It probably needs an updated driver.

  BRYNIT 16:00 04 Jan 2010

As I am Spartacus has said it could be a hardware/driver problem.

When do you get the blue screen? when booting from the disk or when you are trying to install W7.

It could be the way your bios is setup and requires drivers installing especially if you have SATA drives or a change in the bios may help.

My Medion computer is set to AHCI in the bios settings and will not work without the correct drivers it will blue screen and reboot I found this out when I needed to duel boot between Win XP and Vista.

A little information on the Computer/Motherboard etc may help us help you with the W7 instalation.

  erkmatrix 16:02 04 Jan 2010

I've done the windows 7 test you suggested and it comes up with 3 issues.

No1 telling me it will have to be a custom installation required cause I've got windows xp currently. fair enough I knew that anyway.

No2 telling me Windows Aero Support that this won't support my graphics card, so I went to my graphics card nvidia Geforce 8800gtx by the way and downloaded the driver for 64bit windows 7 but of course this doesn't install untill windows 7 is on my computer but it won't get loaded as it flashes up a blue screen when it prompts me the first time that my PC need to restart. So I don't see how I can update the graphics card driver without being on windows 7 if that is the issue of this blue screen.

No3 tells me that Outlook Express is no longer included in windows 7

Any other things I can do or suggestions how I can get my money back of this firm.


  erkmatrix 16:06 04 Jan 2010

Hi Brynt

Just spotted your post after I posted mine.

Yeah my current setup is

Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3.0 GHz 4Mb Cache
6Gb Corsair Memory DDR 800
VelociRaptor 300 GB
8025-C43 Midi
Atrix 720Watt Silent Dual Fan
768Mb Nvidia 8800GTX graphics card DX10
QC - Gigabyte N680iSLI-DQ6-1333fsb-DDR1066x4 SLI (Dual graphics)
DVD+/- RW - 18X Samsung Lightscribe
X-Discovery Case
windows xp 64bit home

  I am Spartacus 16:27 04 Jan 2010

Is the hard drive set to AHCI/SATA in the BIOS rather than IDE or RAID? I can't see that causing a problem unless it's set to RAID.

I would have thought your graphics card would easily support Aero.

If your CPU is overclocked then put the settings back to normal. You could also try the installation with just 1 stick of RAM.

What error message do you get with the blue screen?

  erkmatrix 16:53 04 Jan 2010

Hi I am Spartacus

Just checked my bios, I don't see the option to see if its set to AHCI/SATA or IDE or Raid.

I did find out in standard BIOS option its listing my setup of drives like this

IDE Channel 0 Master dvd drive
IDE Channel 1 Slave {None}
IDE Channel 2 Master (WD Raptor 300gb drive)
IDE Channel 3 Master (None)
all the way to 7 saying (none) cause no more drives connected

and in my standard CMOS features if I click on my raptor drive the next screen says

IDE Auto-Detection [press enter]

Extended IDE Drive [Auto]
Access Mode [Auto]

Dunno if they mean out to you, if my settings are wrong with it saying IDE, how do I change this.

I haven't messed about with overclocking no as I know nothing about this. I bought it from Cougar Extreme and there was no mention of overclocking it when I bought it but its doubtful it was as I don't think they do overclocking on their machines.

The error message is it begins ok with saying windows is unloading files then next step it flashes a blue screen at me with STOP 0x00000005C (0x0000010B, 0x00000003 and more 0s after this. If that means anything

  BRYNIT 16:58 04 Jan 2010

When you tried to install W7 did you install the SATA drivers if not this could be the reason for the blue screen.

A quick check of the Gigabyte site I could not find a manual for the QC-N680iSLI-DQ6 mother board the nearest was GA-N680iSLI-DQ6 click here which should give you some information on the motherboard. You should also be able to download any drivers for W7.

Also check how the SATA drives are set in the BIOs as this will indicate what drivers may be needed ie are the set as IDE or AHCI

  BRYNIT 17:06 04 Jan 2010

Must type quicker.

If you originally purchased your computer from Cougar Extreme e-mail them and they will hopefully be able to give you advice on what drivers etc you will need to install W7 on your computer click here

  Rayuk 17:26 04 Jan 2010

Are you doing a fresh instal on a seperate partition?

  erkmatrix 17:28 04 Jan 2010


No I don't know what SATA drivers to install really so no I never installed any. where do I find these please.

I still have a manual of my mother board actually but I'm unsure of what I need to look for on updating, I've heard about BIOS flashing or something to update the bios but it also said its very risky and might damage the computer so I'm unsure if its worth trying this.

I've contacted Cougar Extreme about this but unsure if they'll reply as my PC is 2 years old and out of its warranty with them , they maybe won't be interested in replying.

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