Faulty shower installed can I reclaim labour costs

  Mushy Pea Fan 08:59 02 Aug 2017

A shower purchased from a DIY shop was installed by my local plumber but the unit was leaking and found to be faulty. The DIY shop say they will refund the cost of the shower only yet my 82 year old mother is now left with a bill of £324 for labour costs. A replacement shower has since been fitted. DIY shop is denying all responsibility for additional labour costs. Any advice please?

  wee eddie 10:27 02 Aug 2017

I have no idea, but from memory, the DIY Shop may not be liable,

However, a trip to your local Consumer Rights Office would be a good move. They will be able to advise you and may be able to suggest possible ways of persuading the DIY Shop to help, even if the law does not require them to do so.

  Forum Editor 22:31 02 Aug 2017

The DIY shop provided the shower unit, and is liable for a replacement or a refund if the unit was faulty.

The shop is not liable for the additional labour cost. You may decide to pursue your case with the shop, but we can't advise you about that.

  bumpkin 23:04 02 Aug 2017

What exactly was leaking, the shower unit, the tray? Is the £324 for the whole original job or just replacing the defective item. No really enough info to give a fair opinion. If you supplied the item then he is entitled to charge you for the extra labour but if he supplied it then he should take the matter up with the shop.

  Govan1x 09:17 15 Aug 2017

If putting in the same shower model everything is already installed so it should not take long to install the new one.

Connect the Electric cables which should be no problem and connecting to the water supply would be the same. A good tradesman should have it done in about 30 minutes providing it is the same model of shower.

I would expect the most that would be charged would be £20-£40 but as it is for a pensioner it maybe refitted free of charge depending if it is the same fitter.

I would imagine the £324 cost would have entailed fitting new Electrical cable from the Mains to the shower.

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