Faulty secondhand MacBook. Can I get a refund?

  HR1 06:37 08 Mar 2017

Last month, I bought from a local shop a secondhand MacBook. Within three weeks of using it it has developed significant faults to the point were it the longer works. I have contacted the shop and they are happy to do a repair as it is covered under their three months warranty. I am however concerned that it may have long-term problems which might develop post the three month warranty. Am i entitled to a refund? Thanks

  Forum Editor 08:28 08 Mar 2017

When you buy secondhand goods from a retailer, you have the same level of consumer legislation protection as when you buy new - with a few exceptions.

In your case, if less than thirty days have elapsed since the date of purchase you are entitled to reject the goods under the terms of the Consume Rights Act, and request a full refund.

  HondaMan 10:11 11 Mar 2017

You have a six month statutory right to return it.

  Forum Editor 11:50 11 Mar 2017

"You have a six month statutory right to return it."

That could be a slightly misleading statement. You have a right to return an item, but you don't have a statutory right to an automatic refund.

When goods are faulty you may return them within six months but the shop has an option to prove they weren't faulty when you bought them. After six months, the burden of proof shifts and it's up to you to prove they were faulty when you bought them. That's much harder to do - why would you buy a faulty computer?

The Consumer Rights Act (as I mentioned earlier) gives you a statutory right to a full refund if you return goods within 30 days of the date of purchase.

Beyond that period, the six-month rule kicks in, but it only provides you with a right to request a full refund, a repair, or a replacement if the shop cannot prove the faults were not present at the time of purchase. If you tested the machine in the shop before you made the decision to buy, it might be argued that was proof enough.

In General terms, the new Consumer Rights Act provides you with a world-class level of protection.

Hopefully, you were able to return the computer before the 30 day period lapsed.

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