Faulty disk return for Ulead Videostudio 8

  puggy 19:40 11 Dec 2004

I think a quote from my e-mail to Ulead says it all!

To [email protected]

"Dear Sir

I was very disappointed to receive my order this week to find that the disk had over 11.5 Million errors using Nero CD Speed CD Quality check - see attachment. There is an obvious fault mark on the outside edge of the playable side of the disk. Prior to ordering, I assumed that the disk would have been checked at your quality control department. Needless to say the software did not install properly and crashed my system. I have also emptied the Windows Temp folder and attampted to copy the disc over to the hard drive as suggessted in your technical support page. The copying stopped with the message "Cannot Copy WMEncoder: data error(cyclic redundancy check)"

I obviously would prefer a working and error-free replacement rather than a refund but am reluctant to pay the extortionate amount for a courier service to return a product that is faulty.

Please would you comment and should you require the disk and other enclosures to be returned to you, confirm that costs incurred will be refunded to me as the return is due to the disk being not fit for the purpose it was intended.

If you cannot guarantee that the replacement disk will be error free, please would you send me a full refund, including any costs incurred in sending back the faulty disk and related enclosures.

I look forward to your reply."

The software was ordered from Ulead (UK) on 24 November and received on 4 December. I have sent another reminder to Ulead with no answer.

The only contact number is Germany and I don't want to ring that for obvious reasons.The full price inc P+p cost me £38.53.

What can I do now?

  Dorsai 04:50 13 Dec 2004

I am sorry, but a quick look at their web page finds that their returns policy clearly states

"We will not refund shipping cost"

click here

so i dont think you stand much chance of getting them refunded.

I have not ordered anything from them, but generally during the ordering process online you are given the option of reading the terms and conditions, and told that placing an order is deemed to show that you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions. In effect by ordering from them you have agreed that you are liable for the cost of shipping it back if it is duff.

Unless any one else knows better of course.

  spuds 10:39 13 Dec 2004

Not the best of sites to a UK returns, as it would appear as though you can purchase via on-line UK,then everything redirects to Germany. click here click here

As the item was purchased via the co.uk address, I would imagine that this will involve UK consumer law, so I would think that a consultation with trading standards are in order here, considering the faults and problems that you have highlighted.

  puggy 12:05 13 Dec 2004

Thanks for the replies. I still think the terms and conditions are unreasonable, after all I will be returning a faulty product, not because I did not bother to read the specs for the product and return it because of my own incompetence.

Until the internet matures further with the same rights as if you had bought the product from a shop, I will not be ordering any more software online. (This was the first time). I unly ordered it from Ulead because you can ONLY get the upgrade version from them and not a shop. (Rip off time) Next time I will be prepared to pay the full extravagant price from PC World where at least if there is an obvious fault on the disc you can exchange/refund.

  puggy 13:00 17 Dec 2004

The latest is I have sent 4 e-mails and I am almost grovelling for them to send me a returns number so I can return the software. I have had no replies at all (not even automated).

According to their terms and conditions I have 30 days from sale (24th November) to report faulty media and the clock is ticking.

I will never buy a Ulead product ever again as once they have you're money they could not care less about customer service. I will probably have to cut my losses and buy an alternative. (Any recommendations?)

My online buying experience has been tarnished forever by these cowboys and I have the most expensive coaster ever made (probably)

  €dstowe 13:53 17 Dec 2004

I have successfully used Pinnacle Studio 9 and Intervideo WinDVD Creator.

Regarding Ulead products (although I have not looked at the one in question here), I find them not of the highest quality or reliability. There always seems to be a child's toy-like feel to them.

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