Faulty component

  Scubaman 10:28 19 Oct 2005

Hi, I bought a motherboard from PC World and a CPU from an internet source (£40 cheaper!). I have had problems with booting up, in that it wont! I have contacted the motherboard manufacturers with all the relevant fault details and have been told that it could be either the CPU or the Motherboard, they couldn't tell which. As I purchased the items from different sources who should I contact to decide who's goods are faulty?
Thanks in anticipation

  bremner 11:01 19 Oct 2005

If you have access to another CPU try that - if it works you know its the CPU you bought, if it doesn't the motherboard.

I would then take the mobo back to PCW and ask them to test it.

  Scubaman 11:15 19 Oct 2005

Unfortunately I don't have accesss to another CPU, I am upgrading from AMD to Pentium 4, so don't have any relevant bits.

  bremner 11:28 19 Oct 2005

In that case I would take the mobo to PCW exaplain the situation and ask themm to confirm the mobo is OK.

  tarkus 13:38 19 Oct 2005

Could you please tell use the exact fault or any error messages your getting as it might just be a setting in the bios thats wrong and not a faulty component, are you trying to use the same hard drive you had on the old motherboard with all the settings for that old setup, if so the you are asking for trouble best bet is a clean install.

  Dizzy Bob 14:00 19 Oct 2005

PCW will probably just change the mobo for you. They generally do not have time to test all components that are returned, especially if they would need to spend a bit of time doing so. On the volumes that PCW deal with it is more cost effective to just change the component.

If it still doesnt work, change the processor!


  Scubaman 20:39 23 Oct 2005

Thanks for the advice, PCW did in fact just offer me another mobo, and yep, that was the problem it now boots up but I have another problem which I will post in the other forum. once again thanks.

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