Faulty compatable ink

  paddy75 12:12 14 Mar 2006

Has anybody used this company? click here. I recieved a compatable inkjet cartridge from them and when i used it the only colour it would print was blue,rang them up and told them this and he said return it at your own expense and if faulty we will replace it.Postage and packageing from N Ire i suppose will be about 3 or 4 pounds, he did'nt seem to be too bothered,i saw this advert in PC Advisor so that is why i used them.{never again} As it only cost £13 it is noy worth my while.Paddy

  namtas 12:20 14 Mar 2006

On the face of it as described - not a good way to get repeat business.

  rmcqua 12:24 14 Mar 2006

There are lots of poor quality "compatible" cartidges around, Paddy. I haven't used this particular company, but I could name you several others who have given me the same problem as yours. I gave up trying and returned to using originals, but I have recently been persuaded to try Chioce - not fitted them yet though.
I don't think we can automatically expect a quality product from a company just because they advertise in PCA, though I'm sure that PCA would take an interest if there was a systemic problem.

  paddy75 14:34 14 Mar 2006

Thanks for speedy replies,i always used MX2 and never had any bother,last week they where out of stock so i changed suppliers,in stock now so ordered from them again.Paddy

  ami 00:30 16 Mar 2006

I've used Choice Stationery's compatibles for years, ok you do get the odd 'duff' but Choice give you a freepost return address and an absolutley no-quible 'your money back or a replacement' service.

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