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Faulty Applience Damaged My HDDS What to do?

  RobCharles1981 11:21 05 Mar 2019


I'm wondering if you can help me in the right direction.

I brought a Sata Power Adapter just over a week or so ago to replace one I had in order to power up a new hard drive that I duly brought.

Which was this:

click here I had started a discussion here about this matter click here since adding that new hard drive or connecting that Sata Power the PSU of that adapter Blew Up and Smoked! (I do have a surge protector) And recently replaced it.

I took my Computer to a repair shop and inspected the drives and discovered that the PCB's had fried! Resulting the drives not powering or spinning up.

To Repair this would cost me at £320! And I had to order the donor parts from america.

I've been in touch with the manufacturer/Seller on Amazon to complain about this and hopefully they will help me out and provide me compensation.

Have any of you been in this situation and what happened/out come?

Thanks Rob

Now Where

  qwbos 12:40 05 Mar 2019

You need to be able to demonstrate that the device that failed was being used for the purpose it was designed for and that your losses were as a consequence of the failure of that device. To do that, you need to get an expert technical report on ALL the devices connected.

  RobCharles1981 17:01 05 Mar 2019

Yep that's what I'm going to be doing tomorrow.

Getting Photos, a detailed report and the all the costings including parts.

So hopefully I will have some good luck!

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