Family, dazed and confused!

  tonycop 13:31 29 Dec 2003

We are searching for a decent allround desk top to meet all our family`s needs. The kids(4 of)want good sound graphics and gaming capabilities. I would like a solid home office suite and capabilities for multimedia etc.
So far Evesham and Mesh are the front runners with the Evesham Axis 2700+ and the Mesh xtreme 3000+ making the short list.

Both are simarlily priced . Mesh seems to offer an higher spec for the money whilst Evesham seems a lower spec for the same price but offers piece of mind interms of sales and after sales support.

Id like to resolve this and get on with the rest of my holiday!!

  rickf 13:34 29 Dec 2003

Have a look at Medion machines from Aldi, Staples or Toys 'r'us. I think at present the best specs ones are at toys'r'us. Cheaper than the other two cos. too.

  GibsonSt19 13:35 29 Dec 2003

But after reading all the comments (do a search for Mesh) on the forum about Mesh, I'd stay clear, with words like 'evil' mentioned :)

Just my thoughts though :)

  Sir Radfordin 14:35 29 Dec 2003

I can only hope you have read the thread in full where the words Mesh and Evil are used together.

Tonycop, you have found what most people do. Mesh are one of the best priced though some doubt their support whilst Evesham charge more for less and you still risk getting poor service.

You will always find someone to say you should be from X or you shouldn't buy from Y but that is only ever their own experience. I'm fairly sure buying either of machines you have stated will be fine. You could find something more suitable at PCW/Aldi/Staples but then you could spend till next year looking.

If you coud give us a 'budget' then people may be able to suggest certain models. You could do much worse than buy one of the review models from this Mag.

  johnnyrocker 15:00 29 Dec 2003

click here and see if they can build to your spec.


  tonycop 15:07 29 Dec 2003

Further to my last the budget in mind is @£1100

  bremner 15:09 29 Dec 2003

I would stick with the MESH, their presence on this forum is excellent.

Should you be one of the very small percentage of their customers who has a problem then that presence will sort out your problem.

Try any good local independent store in your area, they should be able to build to your spec. May cost a bit more but you can sort out any probs face to face rather than hanging on forever on helplines.

  Evesham Support 16:01 29 Dec 2003

I am certain we would be able to meet your needs and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our products or support services.

Should you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact us through [email protected].

Sir Radfordin is correct when he says that there is a risk with every company that you could receive poor service as ultimately we all employ humans who can make mistakes. However the fact that we consistently win awards for our service and reliability should indicate that, whilst problems can still occur, you face much less of a chance of being dissatisfied with our service that that provided by some of our competitors.

Kind regards

Customer Support

Evesham Technology Ltd

  bremner 16:22 29 Dec 2003

Touting for business - are times hard.

Can we expect a counter bid from MESH :))

  Evesham Support 16:36 29 Dec 2003

Seems that we are dammed if we do and dammed if we don't today.

Kind Regards

Customer Support

Evesham Technology Ltd

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