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Fake BT caller tries kt on - TWICE

  HondaMan 09:45 14 Feb 2020

Yesterday I received 2 telephone calls from a withheld number, the caller claiming to be from BT. The call was actually a recorded message in quite well spoken English saying that my broadband connection would be closed in two days because of “hacking activity”. The message went on to ask that I “press 1” if I was a BT customer or “2” if I was with any other provider.

Out of curiosity I pressed “2” and the call was diverted to a Chinese-sounding female who spoke very poor English. At that point I terminated the call.


  Forum Editor 18:47 05 Mar 2020

"My record is 19 minutes having been escalated to a supervisor!"

I wish I had so much time on my hands that I could afford to waste nearly 20 minutes of it on a pointless phone conversation.

I'm afraid i have never understood why some people delight in playing around with scam callers - life's too short, I just put the phone down without speaking. We're all different however, and if that's what floats your boat, fair enough.

  BT 09:10 06 Mar 2020

Told him I had a head transplant

I've used a variation of that one. I tell them that it was so serious I had to have my head amputated. Its surprising how long it takes them to twig what I've said, even had to repeat it several times

  conrail 21:23 27 Apr 2020

Hi Taff™, I see I am not the only one who likes to talk to these people, a good answer to ms tech calling is to ask them which dept they are from and you will look them up next time you are at work, my record is 31 minutes talking to a lady who had informed me I had won a lot of money, she would not say how much I had won despite my repeated questions, in the end I asked when I would get my money, she said said as soon as she had my bank details, I replied that I must have registered with them, she said I had, so I said when I had registered my details I would have given my bank details so please put my money into that account then I hung up on her

  wee eddie 07:23 28 Apr 2020

Conrail: I like it. Were you an anarchist in your youth?

  conrail 10:49 28 Apr 2020

hi wee eddie, I was a shy quiet child but 27 years in th RAF changed all that

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