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Fake BT caller tries kt on - TWICE

  HondaMan 09:45 14 Feb 2020

Yesterday I received 2 telephone calls from a withheld number, the caller claiming to be from BT. The call was actually a recorded message in quite well spoken English saying that my broadband connection would be closed in two days because of “hacking activity”. The message went on to ask that I “press 1” if I was a BT customer or “2” if I was with any other provider.

Out of curiosity I pressed “2” and the call was diverted to a Chinese-sounding female who spoke very poor English. At that point I terminated the call.


  Gordon Freeman 10:16 14 Feb 2020

Was that on a mobile or landline phone?

There seems to be another one going around to watch out for. My wife had a call from an unrecognised mobile number (private number) - she didn't answer - then a couple of texts along the lines of a caller has ran out of credit & asking for her to call a certain number back.

I did a google & found it to be an old scam, whereby if you call said number your bill is billed a high amount of ££s. She forwarded to info to the o2 scam reporting number, & she's not had another call or text thus far.

I mention it because some members on here, or people they know, might have had the same thing happen, so a note of caution really.

  alanrwood 10:36 14 Feb 2020

I experience these and similar ones quite regularly. I just put the phone to one side and let them waste their money until they decide to hang up.

  mrgrumpy 10:39 14 Feb 2020

Hondaman I am really surprised that you did this , as a regular user of this forum you will have seen me get chastised by others for telling people what to do/not do. Some users in certain posts have even said things like we don't need you to tell us what to do.

At the risk of getting into trouble I think I do need to tell you what to do.

After you pressed button 1 or 2 out of curiosity you say you eventually hung up. Did you pick your receiver back up to see if the line was still connected , if you had then you would probably found your line was still locked.

Regardless of what you did AFTER the call you need to go online or just ring B.T. to see if you got hit with a huge premium rate call.

BTW I am not a nerdy kid telling others what to do I am 64 and just try to do my bit to help others.

  Taff™ 15:14 14 Feb 2020

1956 was a good year!

If I have time I always talk to these people, just so I waste their time. They always forget to ask which operating system - only if you are on your computer.

Then I drag it out until eventually I tell them I am using Linux!

My record is 19 minutes having been escalated to a supervisor!

  x13 15:18 14 Feb 2020

HondaMan had the same phone calls as you. They stopped after the third call. Pain in the backside.

  HondaMan 17:23 14 Feb 2020

Gordon Freeman - as I said, it was a withheld number mrgrumpy - I have not told anyone to do or not to do anything No calls today, so I hope they have got the message!

  BT 18:05 14 Feb 2020

Had several similar recently saying my Internet will be cut off because "illegal activity" has been detected. If you speak a recorded/computerised voice comes in but I've found that if you keep quiet it disconnects after about 10 seconds. This seems to work with most of the calls and I've noticed that if you do this you don't seem to get the same ones again.

  mrgrumpy 18:17 14 Feb 2020

hondaman my *chastise comments etc " were not aimed at you.

  bremner 13:09 16 Feb 2020

The idea that during a call if you press a number you will be automatically connected to a premium rate number was always taken as an urban myth as technically this was not possible - has this changed?

However if you press 1 and are asked to ring back a number, as with the Amazon Prime scam then you can be connected to a premium rate tariff.

click here

  HondaMan 15:51 16 Feb 2020

I pressed "2" and I am still here!

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