Facebook backs down.

  Forum Editor 15:44 01 Dec 2007

No surprises here then.

click here

  anchor 17:15 01 Dec 2007

I have heard of Facebook, but am puzzled why people are joining it in their millions; why?.

  techie4me 17:19 01 Dec 2007

I keep getting asked my friends if i'm on Facebook & My Space.
Whats so great about it?????

  Forum Editor 17:35 01 Dec 2007

Good question, and I'm not the one to answer it I'm afraid - I find FaceBook a hideous prospect. My social networking is done face to face, rather than via the web, and although I keep getting emails telling me that this or that person has added me to his/her list of FaceBook friends I have so far found it pretty easy to resist.

One of my daughters was a keen FaceBook fan, but has given it all up - she said she found it addictive, and realised she was wasting far too much time with it.

  monkeyboy21 19:27 01 Dec 2007

One good reason - it's easy to share photo's with friends and family - just don't post personal details on the site!

  Clapton is God 19:54 01 Dec 2007

"it's easy to share photo's (sic) with friends and family"

I can do that by showing friends and family my photo albums or e-mailing photos to them.

  anchor 14:03 02 Dec 2007

Clapton is God:

I agree; its easy to share pictures, video, or whatever, with your friends directly by other means.

Who needs Facebook?.

  Kemistri 14:31 02 Dec 2007

I find it a little bit odd that anyone who hangs out their flag on Facebook could be worried by some companies knowing a few things about their buying habits. Such information was being stored and shared long before Facebook was dreamed up.

  wee eddie 14:33 02 Dec 2007

When I realised that most of the people who wanted to become, so called, friends were totally unknown to me.

I was getting, well in excess of, 20 each day.

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