Extra HDD Storage needed (removable/external)

  Ben Avery 12:16 15 Jul 2003


I'm looking at purchasing some extra storage as I recently purchased a notebook with a 6GB internal HDD which is fine for the OS (Win 2k) and programs but won't hold an awful lot of data.

What I really would like is an external solution which can be plugged into the USB port and will also allow me to transfer to my home PC via it's USB 2.0 port.

I have 2 options as far as I'm aware which would suit me:

1) Buy an external USB hard drive which plugs directly in to the USB 2.0 port on my home PC and can be set up via the usual software discs but will also be backward compatible with the port on my laptop (USB 1.1 I think? - Dell latitude GT650)

2) Buy a standard IDE HDD and an HD enclosure which is also USB 2.0 backward compatible with USB 1.1. This option, if it will work well, had lots of appeal as I've seen some good deals on eBay etc.

Would this work for me?

Kind of thing (not exact!) I'm looking at on eBay is this:

Option 1) click here although I would only purchase one which I knew was 7200rpm unlike this one which doesn't say.

Option 2) click here and click here

What would be my best option?


  Mastermind 13:14 15 Jul 2003

I had a look on eBay for a HDD a whlie back, but found that people usually ended up paying more than it was worth.

On Dabs you can get an IBM 180GXP 60GB for £53 and an 80GB for only £60.50.

This is quite expensive click here but looks so cool.

I'll be interested in what other people have to say since I was thinking of getting some external storage in the future.

  Muzziad 14:28 15 Jul 2003

I have the 80gb version of that Iomega external drive. If you have WinXP it will detect it as soon as you plug it in. Looks very nice and works just fine.

Remember you will need SP1 installed for it to work at USB2 speeds.

  Ben Avery 15:17 15 Jul 2003

A little above what I'd like to pay if I can get away with it. A 20GB will probably do me anyway, but what I really need is advice on whether my other option will work as opposed to recommendations of brands etc.

I like the idea of having a standard IDE drive as, if I ever need to have a lot more home storage, I can simply plug it into my Home PC as a slave drive and look into either an external drive for the laptop or just another IDE one.


  Mastermind 15:27 15 Jul 2003

I can't think of any reason why an IDE HDD and an external USB 2.0 enclosure wouldn't do what you want, but I remember, that when I was looking around, I found that the external USB enclosures could be quite expensive.

How much can you afford to spend on this project?

  Ben Avery 15:32 15 Jul 2003

I've not put a roof on it as it isn't urgent. The USB2 HD enclosures sell for around £15-£20 on eBay which is fine, the rest can go on a decent 1st or 2nd hand HDD.

I can pick up a Seagate, IBM or Maxtor pretty cheap. Probably around £50 totalling around £65.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:40 15 Jul 2003

I use an external Maxtor HD which is fine butnot terribly portable, however have you considered on eof the new pen drives? They can be attached to a key ring, have a USB connector and are about the size of a lighter. PCWorld are flogging 128 to 512 MB ones (£59-£179) which should be more than enough for your data transfer.click here All USB2 is backwards compatible and all USB1 can be used on USB2 ports. You will not really notice the difference in speed of transfer unless you are video-editing.

Another effective and cheap way is to buy a couple of card readers (£12ea) and a 256MB flash/smart card for a camera (£50ish IIRC). You can download info onto the card, out it in your wallet and upload at home ;-))


  Ben Avery 15:46 15 Jul 2003

Hiya mate

Long time no speak! I don't think I've done myself justice with my description (I'd never sell much on eBay!)

I'm not after a transfer device (My two PC's are networked so I can upload and swap files without a problem) - what I want is a HDD solution which can be used with BOTH of my computers and will basically be a larger "My Documents" folder - one which I can take with me when I go anywhere.

So the USB stick idea would be of no benifit as it is usually only around 500MB.

I do PowerPoint presentations, pictrues and all sorts of other stuff which I want to be as "Portable" as I am.

I agree with the USB 2 / USB 1.1 thing - 1.1 would be fine for what I want although for working at home, if USB is gonna cost the same, I may as well use it as I do have a USB 2 PCI card installed. I also have done video editing and yes, the difference was noticable - also noticed the change when uploading lots of digital camera images!


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