external hdd set up

  madferrit 10:59 07 Apr 2005

hi all i am buying a external hdd coz i have run out of memory how easy is it to set up and trasnsfer files etc i will be mostley using it to store mp3 files for my itunes any advise you can give will be apriciated

  Al94 11:23 07 Apr 2005

Presume you mean running out of space on your hard drive as opposed to memory. If you have XP, an external hard drive is simply plug & play and will appear as an additional drive in My Computer. Simply use "send to" or drag and drop. You will need USB 2 for satisfactory transfer rates.

  byfordr 15:14 07 Apr 2005

I've found firewire even better...but USB2 is the minimum you should be looking at. A shade over £100 for a 250gb USB2 Maxtor, Lacie or similiar external About £130 for a 250gb USB2 & Firewire Maxtor, Lacie or similiar external


  madferrit 22:27 07 Apr 2005

i have seen a fujitsu 2.5" 80gb 2.0 usb laptop
ex hdd for £60 on ebay brand new they are very small and look cool they say it works on either a pc or lap top, i am getting rid of my very old pc after christmas and buying a laptop instead i thought i might get one of these, can anyone tell me if they are any good

  TomJerry 23:12 07 Apr 2005

no power supplier is needed, just connect to usb and it will be recognised automatically in 2k and XP, but I would not buy something as important as this on Ebay personally. reliablity is the most important thing for HDD

  madferrit 09:23 08 Apr 2005

cheers for the advice the seller says it comes with 3 yr warranty and support take a look on ebay tell me what you think item no 5183608711

  anniel 14:31 08 Apr 2005

about external HDD. I am going to buy one..I have the necessary USB ports and have XP home.

I do have plenty of room on my PC and two separate Drives.

But like an idiot I have put my music on the second drive, plus a few prorammes and I understand that in order to back up stuff you need a separate partition and the thought of trying to create one makes me feel sick, given my lack of tech ability.

I thought to but Acronis True image plus an external HDD.

Really,as I am just a home user with no important stuff to save, except my music (12GB), a couple of progs I have bought plus my address book, maybe I am going over the top.

Can I have your opinions?

  TomJerry 16:06 08 Apr 2005

just pickup one at your price point, they are very standard stuff now, for example

Maxtor One Touch 80GB USB 2.0 7200rpm 2mb Cache- External Retail £69.27 click here

Western Digital Hdd 120gb Usb2.0 Uk-plug - 7200rpm 2mb Cache £76.70 click here

you do not need true image unless you want to backup your operating system (i.e.windows)

if you want ultra portable

Western Digital 2.5" Passport 40gb Portable Drive - Usb2 5400rpm 5.5ms 2mb Cache £81.13 click here

  TomJerry 16:09 08 Apr 2005

I do not buy from Ebay personally.

A 2.5" 80GB HDD costs £70 and an external enclosure box cost £10, so do not bid over £80

  madferrit 16:34 08 Apr 2005

cheers tomjerry will do, i'm gonna try and get if for less than 80quid if i can, i'll let you know how i get on not bidding on it yet got to wait for pay day next week

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