External hard drive recommendations??

  jimmynugent86 17:46 08 Jan 2009

Hey folks, just wondering if anyone has any recommendations/warnings/horror stories about external desktop hard drives? Im in the market for my first one and have been reading reviews on various makes and they all seem to have as many pros as they do cons. Freecom and LaCie are the ones that seem to be better than the rest, is this a safe assumption? Any help is appreciated

  Diemmess 18:11 08 Jan 2009

The scare stories are all to do with ready-mades, though I would think that failures are less than most other hi-tech components, there's not much within apart from a conventional HD

The cheapest and obvious way if you have a spare hard disk is to buy an enclosure.

Whether self powered or not is your choice depending on how much you need to cart the thing around.

Having bought just such a gadget this week from my favourite suppliers I notice that suitable enclosures for IDE drives are almost not existant now, the market has gone right over to SATA the reverse of what it was only a few months ago.
This may influence your choice of enclosure, SATA long term or IDE to use HDs you already have.

  SB23 19:51 08 Jan 2009

I've had a Seagate Freeagent 500gb now since about September last year, and its been brilliant.
The price was cheap, delivered within days, and I would recommend without doubt.

  heepster 20:31 08 Jan 2009

I have 4 freecoms, all worked well straight from the box and have been ultra reliable and fast.

  bionicle 23:05 08 Jan 2009

Been running a 500GB Freecom for about a year now. No problems- very impressed.

  curofone 23:46 08 Jan 2009

I have 2 500gb seagate drives, one a year and half old one a couple of months old. Both are quiet, fast and spin down when not in use, the older one has taken quite a few knocks (the old one is a pretty poor design and is prone to being knocked over, the new one is a much better desgin)and still works perfectly, plus both came with a 5 year warranty although i believe new seagate drives are now 3 year warranties.

Personally if i was you i would ignore things like amazon and play reviews of hard drives as lets face most people only post when they have had bad experience.

  curofone 23:49 08 Jan 2009

oh yeah i also have a small portable hard drive (cheap caddy i got off ebay for a fiver) and an old western digital hard drive that i took out my old laptop and that must be four or five years old now and is still working great.

  jimmynugent86 00:21 10 Jan 2009

Thanks for all the info guys! Its much appreciated.

  Kevscar1 10:48 10 Jan 2009

I've got 2 Maxtors, one is at least 5 yrs old and still going strong.
(Famous last words, bound to go wrong now)

  AL47 15:24 10 Jan 2009

i ouldnt go ebay, have had 2, both failed, [these were usb powered] am thinking of getting one myself i will probably go seagate

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