Extended warranty on a xbox 360

  erkmatrix 08:24 24 Mar 2007


Just wondered if anyone knew if I bought the xbox 360 deal from Play.com XBox 360 Premium Console & Gears Of War & Crackdown for £289 if i'd get chance of getting a 2 year extention on the warranty, the thing that scares me with buying one of these is the reviews on Amazon and around the web of the people who's machines had broke, and getting refurbished models back.

Also a good deal at gamestation I'm interested in but would want the extended warranty.


  spuds 11:50 24 Mar 2007

The only way to find out about extended warranties, would be by asking the seller I suppose.

Regarding getting a refurbished model back, this seems the normal practise with some devices, for quickness of turnover. The product returned should be 'the same, better than or equivalent to' the failed product sent for repair.

  Kate B 12:43 24 Mar 2007

I wouldn't waste your money on an extended warranty - they're expensive. If the thing is going to go wrong, it usually will within the standard year.

  lisa02 12:58 24 Mar 2007

Are you talking about the Microsoft leaflet in the packaging offering an extended 2yr warranty for £60? I binned the leaflet...

Don't waste yer money, the problems of the early systems are now unheard of now I believe. If it's going to give trouble it'll be in the 1st year anyway.

A colleague has several units (4 I think he said) and the only one he had problems with was one he bought back in 2005. It was heating issues and he got it swapped for a new system so he tells me.

  SB23 12:58 24 Mar 2007

I'm with Kate B on this one. Spend the money on games for your new console.

  erkmatrix 13:47 24 Mar 2007

Right I just read on hotdeals forum and they were going on about buying a xbox 360 from the amazon.de german site for £223 , they recond all you would need to do is either coonect a british plug or use a plug converter. They say the games will work as same region in germany.

Sounds like a bargain if this is true as they supposivly get 2 year warranty also in the rest of Europe. Why ever we don't though and pay £50 more I'll never know.


  spuds 14:00 24 Mar 2007

Just recheck the warranty covering a German purchased product. If things go wrong, then it could well be a case of you paying for RTB, and having to deal with non UK consumer law.

  Kate B 16:50 24 Mar 2007

Or buy it at John Lewis, where I believe a three-year warranty is standard.

  sstevenson10 13:14 03 Feb 2009

As someone who works in a gaming store. So long as bought new they are far improved in their conditioning and durability. However for piece of mind I would always say take the extended cover that many stores offer, as it can save on alot of time waiting for repairs and replacements should it be needed and can often be done on the spot in store (this is the case in my store anyway).

Furthermore the extended warranty on the machine tends to be less than 10% of the console cost, and with the massive price crash that has just happened on the 360 it would still be by far the best financially with very little difference in game-play between that and the ps3 and would ease your concerns about the life span of the machine.

No claims discount offer an interesting article to support what I have said which is also worth a look;

click here

  erkmatrix 09:39 04 Feb 2009

Hi thanks for the reply but , you must not of noticed, this question was posted in March 2007. I since then bought one without the warranty actually and sold it a month later, just made too much of a noise and I couldn't get to grips with the controller, I guess I'm a PC gamer at heart.

  keef66 11:57 04 Feb 2009

if anybody is reading this 2 year old thread, Microsoft now give a 3 yr warranty on the 360. Ours died after 18 months and MS simply sent us a new one.

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