Extended Warranty problem

  Bill.D 22:57 04 Apr 2012

Hi all, just over 3 years ago I bought a Samsung laptop from Laptops Direct together with a 3 year warranty for an extra £90. Just before the 3 years expired I had occasion to query a warranty issue only to be told the warranty does not exist because I did not register it. I have no knowledge of any such requirement, nothing in my paperwork makes any statements to this effect and I did not have any reminders that the warranty paid for had not been registered. My order acknowledgement clearly indicated receipt of the money for both laptop and warranty, no mention of the need to register the warranty. After several letters to Laptops Direct they just refuse point blank to refund the £90 just repeating that it is not their problem because I did not register it. Had I not made a warranty query I would have been non the wiser that my £90 was never used for the purpose intended. In effect they are just pocketing my £90 having had no costs of a warranty. Can they do this?

  birdface 06:52 05 Apr 2012

Maybe they meen you never registered the Laptop.

Not sure how you stand legally the FE is well informed about subjects like this and he may be able to give you some good advice.

  wiz-king 20:20 05 Apr 2012

Most extended warranty's are underwritten by a third-party insurance company and you would have to register the warranty with them. If it was a manufactures extended warranty you would still had to register the purchase. I have always found a form to fax or post back whenever I have have bought white goods or computers.

  Bill.D 21:29 05 Apr 2012

There is no doubt that the warranty was not registered, my gripe is that regardless of whether this should have been done or not, Laptops Direct are aware of this and have just kept the money. I cannot prove that I did not have any paperwork any more than they can prove I did. What I can prove is that they received the money and that the paperwork I did have, acknowledging receipt, makes no mention of any requirement to register the warranty.
Thanks for your input so far and beware of falling into this trap.

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