Extended Warranty

  birdface 10:53 16 Mar 2010

My daughter took out a 3 year extended warranty from Staples when purchasing a new laptop about a year and a half ago.
She was under the impression that this also covered accidental damage which she asked for.
She has now been informed the accidental damage only covers the first year.
I think she paid about £150 for the extended cover and she thinks that they have mis sold her the cover.
Is it her own fault for not checking the details of the extended warranty.

I have told her it is most likely to be her own fault as she should have checked.
I suppose when you are buying things like that you do get distracted and maybe sign for something that was not quite correct.
Anything that she can do or will she just have to accept the verdict from Staples.

  Awshum 11:13 16 Mar 2010

Strange that accident cover is only the first year.

Definately misleading IMO unless you're specifically told that.

  Kevscar1 11:16 16 Mar 2010

She would have to prove that she was not told this at time of sale. One persons word against another. What does it actually say on the contract.

  BRYNIT 11:20 16 Mar 2010

From the Staples Care Warranty Policy Terms and Conditions

3.2. Your Goods are protected against:
3.2.1. Accidental damage, from the date of purchase until the expiry of the manufacturers warranty, providing that there is visible evidence that an external force has been applied;
3.2.2. Damage or destruction, from the date of purchase until the expiry of the manufacturers warranty, caused directly by: storm; flood; lightning; earthquake; fire; smoke; explosion;
3.2.3. Breakdown for up to 24 months beyond the expiry of the manufactures warranty. If an insured Item malfunctions as a result of defective parts or workmanship that would normally be covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty, We will repair or replace any component needed to restore it to full working order, providing the malfunction occurred after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty and before the expiry date of this policy.

If the Laptop had only 1 years warranty and the above is in the paperwork she has signed, I think
she will have to accept the verdict. You could always try writing a polite letter to Staples HO.

  961 11:34 16 Mar 2010

Covered under accidental damage of contents section of household insurance?

  birdface 11:49 16 Mar 2010

She has to pay the first £150 so that is not an option.
That looks like Staples was correct then.
I will her know.
Thanks everyone for your help.

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