Extend wireless range of BT fibre-optic

  KAGill13 22:41 29 Jul 2014

I currently have a BT home hub 5 in one corner of the house next to the main computer and faceplate for the adsl connection. In the room on the other side of the house the wifi is considerably slower. Usually achieve around 50-60mbps elsewhere. Is there any way to extend the range so there is a decent wifi signal in this room.

Also, I have a Belkin N600 F9K1102 DB wireless router which I tried to set up to use as well as the Home Hub. I tried to use it as an access point and disabled wireless on the home hub, and connected them both via an ethernet cable through the LAN ports. I couldn't get it to connect though, I even turned off the DHCP on the Belkin. Is there any way this could be achieved, as this way I could have a router in a more central location in the house. Would it work to connect the belkin router to the phone line and the computer, and then connect this to the home hub which would be in the centre of the house giving out the wireless signal.

I considered running the phone line to the hallway, but I heard you get a drop in signal this way.

Any help is appreciated.

  Gordon Freeman 20:37 31 Jul 2014

Why don't you consider investing in wifi extenders? I have the wifi extender kit from devolo (try googling wifi extender kit). My Infinity BTHH5 is upstairs, one end of my wifi extender kit plugs into the upstairs HH via Ethernet cable then plugs into the mains socket, and the receiver (2nd part of the extender kit) is plugged into a mains socket downstairs. They're very good for getting wifi into 'out of range' areas in the house.

  KAGill13 21:23 31 Jul 2014

Do they broadcast as another wifi network? Or does it integrate with the current network as I was looking just to have just the one wifi network.

  Gordon Freeman 22:10 31 Jul 2014

Mine broadcasts & shows as another network, which has its own p/wd (you can choose/set your own p/wd of course). Essentially, I think it piggy-backs the BTHH5 network, but don't quote me on that.

So in your available network connections you see your BTHH5, and you also see (in my case) the 'devolo' network. It's not a major problem having the 2 because once the p/wd details are added, it's secure, & the laptop just selects the strongest available signal.

I'd highly recommend the devolo one (although I'm sure others are available), I've had it for many years and it's never failed me.

If you get one just ensure it's a "wifi extender kit" that you get, and not just bog standard homeplugs.

  KAGill13 22:29 31 Jul 2014

Okay, I will definitely look into this. Thanks!

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